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Town of Oregon Board
Mar 01, 2005

Town of Oregon Board

March 1, 2005


     The meeting for the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held on Tuesday, March 1, 2005. Chairperson, Gerald Jensen called the meeting to order at 7.06 p.m. Supervisors, Wayne Ace, Darryl Weber, Rick Andersen and Pen Beasley were present, along with Constable Wackett and Treasurer LaFlash and 17 other persons.

     MMS/Andersen-Ace to approve minutes of the February 1st Board meeting. Motion carried. MMS/Andersen-Weber to approve the Treasurer’s report showing a balance of $998,538.98 in the general account. Motion carried.

     Weber reported on the Plan Commission recommendations and actions. It was decided to table the Plat of Hampton Valley, Sec. 7, submitted by Daniel and Patricia Levine until April 6th Board meeting. MMS/Jensen-Beasley to postpone until April 6th. Motion carried.

     Weber stated that the Rezone Pet. for the Doggy Day Care has been withdrawn.

     Discussion regarding dead deer problem on Locust Grove Road, no suggestions or solutions offered.

     Discussion regarding the water problem on Locust Grove Road. Chair Jensen stated that Dwane Sawyer the Land Conservation will be down to look at the site when the weather warms up and give his recommendations and suggestions to correct the problem.

     Mark O’Brien was representing the Brooklyn Fire and EMS Dist. Regarding the resolution to borrow $1.5 million. He stated that the resolution was currently being reviewed by two attorneys and upon approval needed to be signed by a representative of the Oregon Town Board. The deadline for the resolution is March 31, 2005. MMS/Andersen-Weber to have Chair Jensen sign the resolution when O’Brien notifies him that the resolution is completed to meet deadline.

     Andersen gave update on Oregon Fire &EMS Dissolution of District. Village of Oregon indicated that they would either take over fire department or start their own. Arbitration agreement is unclear at this time. Decision will be by 1/1//06 regarding the Fire Department. Andersen suggested a meeting to be held on Wednesday, April 6, 2005 @ 6:30 p.m. with Town Attorney Larry Bechler to discuss the scenarios.

     Pam Dumphy, Assistant Commissioner and Greggar Petersen, Highway Engineer with Dane Co. Highway and Transportation Dept., reviewed plans and proposed an estimate regarding rebuilding Union Road. It was recommended not to create a bike path in order to keep as many trees as possible. The estimate was based on a 24 foot pavement (increased from 22 foot) with a 3 foot gravel shoulder and to also reshape the ditches. It also included 4 inches of asphalt. The curve will be increased to a 35 mile an hour and the railroad track will stay intact. The tracks will be wider to accommodate bicycles and motorcycles.

     It was asked that a new estimate be produced with 26 foot pavement and 2 foot paved shoulder, also to include 5 inches of asphalt. Mr. Petersen stated that he estimated every additional foot would be approximately an additional $8000. He will compose two optional bids and submit to Ruth.

     The estimated bid was $325,000. Trip monies of $20,000 would be deducted from the total bid. Using our patrolmen for some labor would also cut down in costs.

     Discussion on borrowing additional funds from the Commissioner of Public Lands to cover the remaining balance not budgeted.

     MMS/Beasley-Anderson to change Rural Insurance to $5 million/$10 million on the regular policy and cancel the umbrella policy for better coverage and less money. Motion carried.

     MMS/Andersen-Weber to accept the lighting bid from Searl Electric to change the security lighting and add one to the rear hall door for not more than $2000. Motion carried.

     MMS/Beasley-Andersen to sign the extension franchise agreement until a new agreement can be negotiated. Motion carried.

     Motion by Andersen to review Belleville Fire and EMS Agreement to make sure the title is straight. Died for lack of a second. MMS/Jensen-Weber to accept agreement with the proposed changes. Motion carried.

     Locust Grove Rd. on the agenda for April 6th. Dwane Wagner, SCS, will review the water problem and report back.

     MMS/Weber-Ace to approve Jim Weber’s substantial income requirement for Dane Co. Motion withdrawn because not on the agenda the published agenda and not reviewed by the Plan Comm.

     Scott Imis, Champion, has notified the Town of Oregon that he has applied for a variance of the 10 foot rear yard set back for Pat Mularky. Needs a letter of acknowledgement from the Town.

     Linda Jackson reported on the search for the clerk review process. Set March 21st at 7 p.m. for interviews, hopefully three candidates. The search committee is interviewing 7 candidates on Mon. and Tues. Set a CLOSED SESSION for 6 p.m. to discuss set salary and benefits for the new clerk.

     MMS/Jensen-Beasley to approve the amended Ag Entertainment Ord. #18. Motion carried.

     MMS/Jensen-Weber to sign agreement with MSA for services. Motion carried.

     MMS/Andersen-Beasley to move April meeting to Wednesday, April 6th at 7:30 p.m. with a CLOSED SESSION at 6:30 to meet with Atty Bechler. Motion carried. Reminder that the Annual Meeting will be on Tuesday, April 12th at 8 p.m.

     Ralph O’Brien reported on a water problem on Glenway Rd. with his driveway which might be caused because of tiling on a neighboring farm.

     MMS/Andersen-Beasley to have Dane Co. Highway bid 24 and 26 foot mats for Union Road. Jerry to call Pam and Neil Stechschulte.

     Meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.

Ruth Klahn, CMC

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