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Town of Oregon Board
Jul 05, 2005

Town of Oregon Board

July 5, 2005


     The regular monthly meeting for the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held Tuesday July 5, 2005.  Chairperson Gerald Jensen, called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m. with Supervisors Wayne Ace, Pen Beasley and Phil Van Kampen present.  MMS/Ace-VanKampen to accept the Treasurers’ report.  Motion carried.  Vouchers for $33,011.47 were approved.

     Public Comment, Constable Gary Wackett requested a closed session to discuss resident situation. A date was set for July 8, 2005 at 11:00 a.m. to continue that discussion.

     Chairperson Jensen made a public apology to newspaper reporter Ms. Amato regarding a comment made at an earlier meeting.

     MMS/Ace-Van Kampen to accept Echo Valley Road work bid from Payne & Dolan in the amount of $37,140. Motion carried.

     Steve Root, Park Committee Chairperson, suggested a proposal to change the park hours.  Input from Constable Wackett was requested and he will monitor hours in the future.  Mr. Root proposed the Patrolmen install 102 posts in the Town Park.  The posts are 12" X 12" and are 5’ long with the request to bury them 3’ in the ground outside of the ditch line.  The picnic tables, bench and bike rack are to be cemented in to anchor them down.  Brush debris off the asphalt walkway.  MMS/Ace-VanKampen to accept request for work to be done to parks with a completion date of May 2006. Motion carried.

     Clerk reported about Tug of War crews request to use the Town Park.  MMS/Ace-Van Kampen to allow the group to use the park providing they would repair any damage and sign a waiver that the Town would not be responsible for any accidents.  Motion carried.

     Bid for Union Road from Frank Bros. was presented the work would be completed at a cost of $144,726.65.  MMS/Ace-VanKampen.

     Chairperson Jensen reported on the Oregon Fire and EMS District.

     No activity for the Cable Committee.

     Supervisor Van Kampen reported on the progress regarding the Cemetery, request to have surveyor Cleveland Gombar to mark corners.

     Supervisor Van Kampen reported on the public forum regarding the bus service from the Village of Oregon to Madison.  Madison Metro will assist with a survey to assess use. A representative needs to be designated to attend these planning meetings.  Supervisor Phil Van Kampen volunteered to attend for the purpose of gathering information.

     The Board needed to appoint an individual to over see the Civil Defense duty for the Town. MMS/Ace-Van Kampen to appoint Pen Beasley.

     Action by the board to instruct the clerk to submit a help wanted advertisement in the local publications including 2 Sundays of the Wisconsin State Journal, with the ending application date of July 25, 2005. MMS/Ace-Beasley.  Motion Carried.

     Motion for adjournment by Beasley second by Ace.  9:05 Motion Carried.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise R. Arnold, Clerk

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