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Town of Oregon Board
Feb 01, 2005

Town of Oregon Board

February 1, 2005


     Robert and Mike Grota, Assessment Technologies of WI, LLC, gave a presentation of their assessment program for the Town Board at 6 p.m.  They will send a proposal for transferring the current assessment files to the new program.

     The regular monthly meeting for the Town Board of the Town of Oregon was held on Tuesday, February 1, 2005.  Gerald Jensen, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m., with Supervisors: Pen Beasley and Darryl Weber present.  Wayne Ace and Rick Andersen were absent.  There were 19 other persons present.

     A Search Committee was formed to help the board in appointing the clerk.  Members are Janine Jensen, Linda Jackson, Paul Morrison, Deb Neal and Sharon Christensen.

     MMS/Weber-Beasley to approve the minutes as presented.  MMS/Weber-Beasley to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented.  Both motions approved.  Vouchers for $1,439,558.36 were approved.

     Weber reported on the Plan Committee recommendations.  John Plambeck, submitted a CSM to reconfigure a lot he owns at 194 Tipperary Rd. with Rezone Pet. #9180 for A-2(4) from RH-1 and A-1EX.  MMS/Weber-Jensen to approve the CSM and Rezone with no conditions.  Motion carried.

     Rezone for Doggy Day Care tabled until January Plan meeting and February Board meeting.

     MMS/Weber-Beasley to deny the CUP #1942, submitted by Ray Adili, for an apartment at 778 CTH MM.  Motion carried.

     MMS/Weber-Jensen to approve CSM (2 lots) and Rezone #9161 (RH-2 and A-3 to RH-1), submitted by N. Brashi, with the following conditions:
1.  Fencing regulations
2.  Shared driveway with agreement for Lots 1& 2.
3.  Park fee--$600
4.  Waiver of 66 ft. requirement on a public road by Dane Co. Ordinance
5.  Deed notice on Lot # 1 for no more divisions

    MMS/Weber-Beasley to approve Site Plan Ordinance with change on page 6 (Sec. 10.1.9(d)(3)(A)(i)(a) of wording from may to will require canopy trees)

     MMS/Weber-Beasley to authorize, Chair, Gerald Jensen, to sign the resolution of the Brooklyn Fire District to borrow $1.5 million for the new fire/EMS building.  Motion carried.

     Eric Peterson introduced the new owners of Foxboro.  They are Brook Schmidt and James and Doug Brodt.  They have applied for a Combination Liquor and Beer license. Constable, Gary Wackett said they passed the background check.  MMS/Beasley-Weber to approve the Combination Class B license for Foxboro.  Motion carried.  MMS/Beasley-Weber to approve an operator’s license for Brook Schmidt.  Motion carried.

     Chief Doug Petitt reported on the activity for the Town of Oregon and submitted a new contract with $56.70/hr. up $6.58 from 2004.  The Village of Oregon Police Dept. will again cover 20 hours per month.

     MMS/Weber-Beasley to approve a mobile home permit for Tom Grady for farm help at 5819 CTH A, Oregon, WI.  Motion carried.  MMS/Weber-Beasley to approve a mobile home permit for farm help for Tom and Linda Holmes and allow a variance for a driveway ( distance less than 500’) at 6085 Purcell Rd.  Motion carried.

     Questions on substantial farm income for Jim Weber, lighting bids for the Town hall and garage and the Cable TV franchise agreement.  Discussion on policy changes for the Land Use Plan.  Meeting has been set for Monday, Feb. 28th.

     MMS/Weber-Beasley to authorize the Town Chair to sign the Brooklyn Fire resolution to borrow money for the new fire & EMS building.  Motion carried.

     MMS/Weber-Beasley to authorize Ron Outhouse to purchase a new belt grinder.  Motion carried.

     Assessor, Andrew Blomstrom, reported that Grota Assessments would be sending a proposal for transferring information to the Market Drive program and a revaluation.  Proposal to come in 2 to 4 weeks.

     Motion for adjournment at 9:30 p.m.

Ruth Klahn, CMC

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