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Town of Oregon Board
Jan 06, 2004

Town of Oregon Board

January 6, 2004


The first monthly meeting of 2004 was held on Tuesday, January 6th at the Oregon Town Hall, 1138 Union Road.  The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chairperson, Gerald Jensen, after a Special Meeting of the Plan Commission.  Supervisors: Darryl Weber, Linda Jackson and Rick Andersen were present. Wayne Ace absent.  There were 11 other persons in attendance.

MMS/Andersen-Jackson to approved the minutes of the December 2, 2003 with the correction that the board did not make a decision regarding the charge back for the Park Fund for the mowing of the parks.  Motion carried.  MMS/Weber-Andersen to accept the report of Treasurer, Rhonda LaFlash, showing a balance of $2,703,741.71 in the general account, including tax monies.  Motion carried.  Vouchers of $2,075,364.29 were approved.

MMS/Weber-Andersen to approve Rezone #8811 and a CSM (11 acres), submitted by Chris Brent, 1350 Conemara Lane, Oregon, with the following conditions:
1. Park fee--$600
2. Fencing ordinance regulations
3. Deed notice on remaining acreage owned by Chris Brent showing that there are no splits allowed by our current land use plan. (Town Board prefers not to require a deed restriction)

The Plan Comm. has recommended approval and the motion carried.

MMS/Andersen-Weber to have Ralph Bergeland's driveway enter Glenway Rd via the new driveway.  Our road crew will eliminate the current Bergeland driveway in the spring.  Motion carried.

Neil Stechschulte, MSA, presented a proposal for working on smart growth Commercial development and public participation for $3000 ($1500 to be used from Dane Co. grant).  MMS/Weber-Jackson to approve the proposal.  Motion carried.  Neil will report back to the Plan Comm. on 1/27/04 or 2/24/04.

Mark Hanson has been agreed on as our new host for the web site for $400 to $450. We will use our own server (Berber) until Charter Cable is in the Town Hall. Jackson is meeting with the Village of Oregon about access fees for Channel 12.

Steve Root, Park Comm., is recommending the park fund reimburse the Town for the patrolmen's time for mowing the parks at $20/hour. MMS/ Jackson-Weber to accept this recommendation and keep the park fee at $600 as recommended. Motion carried. MMS/Andersen-Weber to approve payment of $25/mtg for members on the ETZ Committee and billing the Village of Brooklyn for the expenses of this committee. Motion carried. Put payment of the Cable TV committee members on the agenda for next board meeting. Andersen reported that Atty Kilkelly has been calling to set up a meeting with the ETZ Comm. Board advised him to set up the meeting and have Atty Bechler at the meeting. Jensen reported that he had had a get-acquainting meeting with President Dean Martinson of the Village of Brooklyn.

Andersen reported on the Oregon Fire District. Clerk read the latest letter from Mr. Dorrough. Clerk reported that the Dane County Clerks are having a meeting at our Town Hall on January 14th. Urban Towns-CAPITOL DAY-is Tuesday, February 3rd, with $25 reservation. Jensen and Jackson plan to go. Beware of Billboard leasing.

Andrew Blomstrom, Assessor, brought in a proposal for a new assessment computer program from Assessment Technologies, Menomonee Falls, WI. He suggested that we contact them to come into a meeting and do a Request for Proposal for a new program. Also look at a new computer for this program.

Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

Ruth Klahn, CMC

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