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Town of Oregon Board
Aug 03, 2004

Town of Oregon Board

August 3, 2004


The regular meeting for the Town of Oregon was called to order by Chairperson, Gerald Jensen at 7:30 p.m. Supervisors: Darryl Weber, Pen Beasley and Rick Andersen were present.  Wayne Ace absent.

MMS/Andersen-Weber to approve the minutes as presented. MMS/Weber-Andersen to approve the treasurer’s report as presented. Both motions carried.  Vouchers for $186,146.05 were approved.

MMS/Weber-Andersen to approve the new operator’s licenses for the following: Melissa K. Dickson, Benjamin P. Cowen & Kristi J. Guenther. Motion carried. Christopher L. Eifert will need to appear in Sept. MMS/Andersen-Weber to approve the renewal operator’s license for Jessica M. Reed.  Motion carried.

Darryl Weber, Plan Comm. Chr., recommended approval for CUP #1906, submitted by Dean & Lisa Jenson to allow boarding of horses. MMS/Weber-Andersen to approve this CUP.  All in favor.


MMS/Weber-Andersen to approve Rezone #9041, submitted by Joe Bissen, agent for Tom & Linda Holmes, to rezone 2+ acres from A-1Ex to R-3A to allow for a duplex with the following conditions:
1. Park fee--$1200
2. Fencing regulations
3. Leave decision to county whether one or two splits shall be assessed to the property.

All in favor.

MMS/Weber-Andersen to table the Site-plan ordinance.  Motion carried.

Approved the variance for driveway for Jim Weber to change the field drive on S. Fish Hatchery Rd. to a residential drive.

Mark O’Brien, rep. for Brooklyn Fire & EMS District, reported that the Village was given a deadline of October 13th to decide to add space for the Village at the new Fire/EMS building.  Project estimated to be between 1.5 & 1.6 million dollars.

Jensen introduced Danielle Tanner and her mother who were visiting.

Weber said he had bids at home for a replacement of the rhino mower and a broom for the skid loader.

Steve Root, Chr. Park Comm., recommended: (1) A variance for a 20’ blacktopped mat instead of 22’ as required in our subdivision ordinance. (2) Do the entire trail grading before paving anything. (3) Add speed humps (not bumps) to the road. (raise 31/2”, level 3 to 4’, lower 31/2”) (4) Add gravel to BiCentennial Park parking lot. Reported that there will be an eagle project at the Town Park.

MMS/Weber-Beasley to add enough gravel to the park road to make a 22’ blacktop mat and do extra grading and graveling to the trail (8’ wide 400 to 450’). Investigate the costs/possibility of adding speed humps now or later.  Motion carried.  Park funds will be used for the extra work.

No Cable meeting.

Andersen, rep. Oregon Fire/EMS Dist., reported that goals are being set for evaluation of the Fire Chief. Volunteers to help with the evaluation.  Gary Wackett, Constable, reported that he has talked to Police Chief Pettit about using and buying into the speed board. Put discussion of Bergeland driveway on the agenda in 2 to 3 months.

MMS/Andersen-Weber to approve the changes recommended to the Belleville Fire & EMS Agreement. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Ruth Klahn, CMC

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