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Town Board Agenda Special Oregon Fire/EMS
Apr 29, 2013


Special Joint Village Board Meeting with Village of Brooklyn and Towns of
Dunn, Oregon and Rutland and the Oregon Area Fire/EMS District
Monday, April 29, 2013
6:30 P.M.
(A quorum for the Village of Oregon, Village of Brooklyn and Towns of Oregon, Dunn, and
Rutland and Oregon Area Fire/EMS District Commission are expected to be present. Each
municipality may take action on the agenda items discussed during this meeting.)
Oregon Town Hall
1138 Union Road
Oregon, WI 53575
1. Call to order by Town Chair Darryl Weber
2. Roll Call of Boards and Commission
3. Discussion and Possible Action re: Senior Center Outline for New Agreement
a) Review of Draft Outline by Village Attorney Dregne
b) Exhibit A – Activities Funded by Usage Recorded on “My Senior Center” Software
c) Exhibit B – Draft 2013 First Quarter Statistics by Municipalities
d) Exhibit C – 2013 Senior Center Budget Worksheet
e) Senior Center Agreement Cost Allocation Flowchart
4. Overview of Meeting by Oregon Area Fire/EMS District Commission Chair
5. Discussion of District’s Financial Matters by Finance Committee Members
a) Status of 2012 Audit by Lisa Novinska – Presentation at May 15th Finance Meeting by
b) Review of 2013 Financial Statements as of March 31st (1st Quarter) by Lisa Novinska
c) Finance Committee working on Five (5) Year Financial Plan and Development of
Possible Reserve Accounts
1) Budget Impacts:
The Committee members have noted the District’s Operating Costs are being
controlled due to the availability and use of POC volunteers and interns. All of the
“easier” cost cutting measures have been taken, meaning further cost cutting will
be difficult, and will impact operations.
2) Ambulance call volume and the percentage of calls provided to
Medicare/Medicaid/Private pay patients will also have a major impact on the
District’s budget. The committee reviews these numbers monthly.
3) Depreciation as noted in prior audits needs to be funded in the future
6. Discussion of Staffing Issues by Fire Chief Bloom
a) Status of Intergovernmental Agreement and Officer in Charge (OIC) Coverage
b) Discussion of Municipalities allowing (encouraging) their employees to respond to
emergency calls as volunteers which would help to ensure the District can get a second
vehicle to respond to calls
7. Status of Regional Fire/EMS District by Fire Chief Bloom
8. Discussion of Equipment Purchases by Gene Berman
a) Review of Apparatus Replacement Schedule
9. Discuss Scheduling Future Joint Meeting
10. Adjournment
Note: Any person who has a qualifying disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities
Act that requires the meeting or materials at the meeting to be in an accessible location or format
must contact the Village Clerk at (608) 835-3118, 117 Spring Street, Oregon, Wisconsin, at least
twenty-four hours prior to the commencement of the meeting so that any necessary arrangements
can be made to accommodate each request.

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