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Town Board Amended Agenda
Jun 07, 2012
PDF Version: 20913_2012-Jun-07_Town Board Amended Agenda.pdf



Thursday, June 7, 2012

6:30 p.m.

OregonTown Hall

1138 Union Road

 Oregon, WI  53575

6:30 p.m.  Board Meeting        

  1. Open Public Hearing to Discuss Conceal Carry at Oregon Town Hall.
  2. Close Public Hearing.
  3. Call Town Board meeting to order.
  4. Reading and Approval of minutes from previous meeting.
  5. Treasurer’s Report and Approval – Christensen LaFlash.
  6. Public Comments.
  7. Fire & EMS Report (Oregon, Brooklyn & Belleville) – Van Kampen.
  8. Discussion and possible Action re: Provide Additional Levy for Oregon Fire/EMS in 2013.
  9. Discussion and possible Action re: Conceal Carry at Oregon Town Hall; Resolution No. 04-2011.
  10. Discussion and possible Action re: Proposed Ordinance No. 81; Regulating Underage Possession and Consumption of Alcohol at Private Residences.
  11. Park Committee Report and Action – Root.
  12. Amend Date for Annual Meeting from April 9, 2013 to April 16, 2013.
  13. Discussion and possible action regarding:  Town Email for Public Officials.
  14. Discussion and possible Approval of Renewal Alcohol Beverage License Application and Application for Coin Operated Machine License for JDB Golf, LLC (Foxboro Golf Club).
  15. Discussion and possible Approval for Renewal of Operator’s Licenses at JDB Golf, LLC (Foxboro Golf Club).             1.)  Daniel W. Kovalaske, 1020 CTH MM, Oregon, WI.

2.)  Nathan P. Malek, 1020 CTH MM, Oregon, WI.

                  3.)  Brook T Schmitt, 1020 CTH MM, Oregon, WI.

                  4.)  Drew Potter, 1020 CTH MM, Oregon, WI

  1. Discussion and possible Approval re: 2012 State Highway Classified Equipment Rates.
  2. Discussion and possible Action re: Review form of employment agreements between Town and employees, policies and procedures, status and adjustments as indicated.
  3. Assessor’s Report and Recommendation – Blomstrom.
  4. Building Inspection Services Report – Arnold.
  5. Constable’s Report – Wackett.
  6. Fire & EMS Report (Oregon, Brooklyn & Belleville) – Van Kampen.
  7. Plan Commission Report and Recommendation - Weber.
  8. Public Works and TORC Report – Ace.
  9. Discussion and possible Action re: loader tractor for TORC.
  10. Discussion and possible Action re: Potential Impacts of the state’s 2011-13 Budget Bill.
  11. Communication and Action of the Dane County Board – Bollig/Johnson.
  12. Senior Center – Johnson.
  13. Board Communications/ Future Agenda Items.
  14. Approval of payment vouchers – Arnold.
  15. Clerk’s Report - Arnold.
  16. Adjournment.

Posted                    05/29/12                 Published              05/31/12                 Amended               06/04/12

Note:  Agendas are subject to amendment after publication. Check the official posting locations (Town Hall, Town of Oregon Recycling Center and Oregon Village Hall) including the Town website atwww.town.oregon.wi.us  or join the Town’s e-mail list to receive agendas at townoforegon@mailbag.com.  It is possible that members of and possibly a quorum of members of other governmental bodies of the town may be in attendance at any of the meetings to gather information; however, no action will be taken by any governmental body at said meeting other than the governmental body specifically referred to in the meeting notice.  Requests from persons with disabilities who need assistance to participate in this meeting or hearing should be made to the Clerk’s office at 835-3200 with 48 hours notice.

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