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Plan Commission Minutes
Oct 17, 2017
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 Town of Oregon 

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


1.         Open Public Hearing.

a.       There will be a public hearing on a Winter Parking Ordinance to designate parking restrictions on town roads during the winter months.  A copy of the draft ordinance may be obtained by contacting the Town Clerk.

Duffin read the draft winter parking ordinance provided by Attorney Larry Bechler.  The ordinance included Exhibit A which is a list of town roads to be subject to the winter parking restrictions.  The plan commission recommended the following changes:

1)      Eliminate Exhibit A and amend the ordinance to include all town roads.  Parking in cul-de-sacs would require all vehicles to be off the road during snow plowing. 

2)      Eliminate town employees from issuing warnings or citations.  The Town Constable, Town Chairman or designee of Town official will be authorized to issue warnings or citations. 

3)      Under 1(d), the plan commission discussed the bond amount for a citation and potential court costs.  The plan commission suggested a $25.00 citation plus adding that all court costs will be the responsibility of the violator. 

Attorney Bechler clarified that the town isn’t allowed to add unpaid parking tickets to property taxes.  The unpaid tickets would be processed pursuant to Wis. Stats. §345.25.  The town will work with the Dane County Sheriff’s department if a vehicle needs to be towed.   


2.         Close Public Hearing.

Duffin closed the public hearing at 7:05 p.m.


3.         Call Plan Commission meeting to order.

 Chair Duffin called the regular plan commission meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. on October 17, 2017.


4.         Roll Call.

Present:  Chairman Brian Duffin, Sharon Christensen, Arlan Kay, Dave Hagemann, Arlen Christensen and Tim Yanacheck.  Absent: Andy Blomstrom

Also Present:  Wayne Ace, Town Board Chairman, Steve Root, Town Board Supervisor, Susan Krebsbach, 1000 Wesley Road and Jennifer Hanson, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer.      


5.         Discussion and possible Recommendation to the Town Board:

a.       Approval of Winter Parking Ordinance to designate parking restrictions on town roads during the winter months.

Dave Hagemann moved, seconded Arlan Kay to recommend to the Town Board approval of the Winter Parking Ordinance with the following changes:

1)       1(a) Eliminate “The roads subject to the winter parking restrictions are attached hereto as Exhibit A.”  Amend to include all town roads.

2)      1(c) should be corrected to 1(b). 

3)      Change 1(b) to read, “The Town Constable, Town Chairman or designee of Town official will enforce the ordinance and will be authorized to issue either warnings or citations.”

4)      1(d) Eliminate the sentence, “Any violation shall be subject to a forfeiture of not less than ten and nor more than twenty-five dollars.”  Include the sentence, “All court costs will be the responsibility of the violator.”

Motion carried 6-0.


6.         Approval of minutes from the last meeting.

Arlen Christensen moved, seconded by Yanacheck to approve the Plan Commission Meeting Minutes from September 19, 2017.  Motion carried 6-0.


7.         Public Comments.

Chairman Ace thanked the plan commission for their work on reviewing the winter parking ordinance.


8.         Discussion and possible Action re:  Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) and RH policy 1f.

The first three sections of the subdivision ordinance were discussed at the last plan commission work session.  The plan commission will review Sections 4-9 that applies to regular subdivisions, conservation subdivisions or both at the next plan commission work session.  The members should read sections 4-9 with special attention to the conservation subdivision prior to the work session.  Section 9 on Conservation Subdivision and will be read together as a group.  Brian would also like to go back and review Section 1 that pertains to language on variances.               


9.         Discussion and possible Action re: Review of the Town Comprehensive Plan.

This will be reviewed with the town board members at the joint meeting.


10.     Set date for plan commission work session.

Duffin is not available on Tuesday, October 24 for a joint meeting with the Town Board.  The next plan commission work session will be on Tuesday, October 31, 2017.  The next regular plan commission meeting is Tuesday, November 21, 2017 with the potential of a joint meeting with the town board. 


11.     Communications.

There was discussion regarding the Stiklestad property needing a land division and rezone to sell the home and the land to separate buyers.


Arlen Christensen discussed a driveway permit for lots on Rome Corners Road.  The new driveway maybe an extension of the existing driveway, but the town will require a joint driveway agreement.


Brian Standing from Dane County Zoning said the zoning ordinance revision will be ready for approval in Fall 2018. 


Tim Yanacheck introduced himself to the board.


12.     Adjournment.

Hagemann moved, seconded by S. Christensen to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 p.m.  Motion carried 6-0.


Respectfully submitted, 



Jennifer Hanson  

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