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Plan Commission Minutes
Mar 21, 2017
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 Town of Oregon  

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


1.         Open Public Hearing.

Chairman Duffin called the public hearing to order at 6:40 p.m.

Present:  Tom Wiedenbeck, Dave Hagemann, Brian Duffin and Sharon Christensen.

Absent:  Arlan Kay, Andy Blomstrom and Paul Morrison

Also present:  Town Board Chairperson Wayne Ace, Supervisor Arlen Christensen and Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Jennifer Hanson.


a.       Rezone Request.  Petition # 11127; Parcel # 0509-334-8810-0; 5610 Alpine Road, Brooklyn, WI  53521.  The request is to rezone the property 34.7 acres from RH-2 to A-2 to allow for agricultural production (apples).  Owner is Gary Leverenz, 4814 Felland Rd., Madison, WI  53718.

Gary and Brandon Leverenz, 4814 Felland Rd., appeared to request a rezone from RH-2 to A-2 to allow them to have a barn on the property before a house is built.  They have planted apple trees and may have a pick-your-own apple orchard in the future.  They sell pumpkins and apples at the farmer’s markets.


2.         Close Public Hearing.

Chairman Duffin closed the public hearing at 6:42 p.m.


3.         Call Plan Commission meeting to order.

Chairman Duffin called the regular plan commission meeting to order at 6:42 p.m. 


4.         Discussion and possible Recommendation to the Town Board:

a.       Rezone Request.  Petition # 11127.

Motion by Hagemann to approve the Rezone, Petition # 11127.  Seconded by Christensen.  Motion carried 4-0.  There was discussion regarding a field driveway and cleaning up the fence line.


5.         Approval of minutes from the last meeting.

Motion by Christensen to approve the minutes from February 28, 2017.  Seconded by Hagemann.  Motion carried 4-0.  


6.         Public Comments.

There were no public comments.          


7.         Discussion and possible Action re: Dane County Ordinance Amendment #83, 2016; Authorizing Electronic Signs in the A-1Ex Exclusive Agricultural District.

Duffin explained the county ordinance amendment is for a church to have an electronic sign in A-1Ex zoning.  Christensen is not in favor of the amendment because she feels the church should rezone into a zoning category that allows electronic signage.  There was discussion on how this would affect the township.  Motion by Christensen to not support Dane County Ordinance Amendment #83; 2016 Authorizing Electronic Signs in A-1Ex Exclusive Agricultural District.  Seconded by Hagemann.  Motion carries 4-0.    


8.         Discussion and possible Action re: Review of the Town Comprehensive Plan.

The first four elements were discussed at the plan commission work session on Thursday, March 14, 2017.  The changes needed reflect statistical updates from the 2000 to the 2010 census.  The next work session will discuss the next two elements, Agricultural Element and Natural Resources and is scheduled for Thursday, April 27 at 7:00 p.m.  


9.         Discussion and possible Action re: Intergovernmental Boundary Agreement with Village of Oregon. Duffin explained that the Village of Oregon has expressed interested in creating a boundary agreement with the town.  There is a joint closed meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 13 at 6:30 p.m. with the Town Board, Plan Commission, town attorney Larry Bechler and town planner Andrew Bremmer.  The Village of Oregon will not be present at the joint meeting.       


10.     Communications.

There was discussion about the maintenance of Lincoln Road with the Village of Oregon.  


11.     Adjournment.

Motion by Hagemann to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 p.m.  Seconded by Christensen.  Motion carried 4-0. 


Respectfully submitted, 



Jennifer Hanson

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