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Plan Commission Minutes
Jan 17, 2017
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 Town of Oregon 

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


1.         Call Plan Commission meeting to order.

Chairman Duffin called the regular plan commission meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Present:  Paul Morrison, Tom Wiedenbeck, Dave Hagemann, Brian Duffin, Arlan Kay and Sharon Christensen.

Absent:  Andy Blomstrom

Also present:  Town Board Chairperson Wayne Ace, Supervisor Arlen Christensen and Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Jennifer Hanson.


2.         Discussion and possible Recommendation to the Town Board re: Dane County Ordinance Amendment #67; 201 Regarding Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Appeals.

Dane County Zoning is requesting to have CUP appeals held before the board of adjustment instead of the county board.  Currently a CUP can be overturned by a ¾ vote of the 37 members on the county board.  The board of adjustment would be a majority vote of 5 members.  The members of the board of adjustment are appointed by the county executive and confirmed by the county board.  The members of the board of adjustment are from individual townships.  The towns association has given their approval.  Morrison felt this was a positive change.  Kay was a former board of adjustment member and supports the change because the process would be less political and more judicial.  Dane County Zoning only represent the unincorporated areas of Dane County and therefore the board of adjustment would not have members from the City of Madison.  Motion by Kay to recommend approval of Dane County Ordinance Amendment #67; 201 Regarding Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Appeals.  Seconded by Morrison.  Motion carried 6-0.  The approval will be passed onto the town board.      


3.         Approval of minutes from the last meeting.

Motion by Kay to approve the minutes from December 13, 2016.  Seconded by Hagemann.  Motion carried 6-0. 


4.         Public Comments.

Ron and Linda Outhouse, 5075 County Highway A, appeared to discuss tearing down the house at 5099 County Highway A due to water damage, but want to retain the right to replace the home sometime in the future.  Duffin feels the town would allow a house replacement, but the county won’t allow a house replacement in C-1 zoning.  Duffin said it could be a choice between retaining the C-1 zoning or having the house replacement.  Ron asked if he could just rezone the land with the house.  Duffin recommended Ron contact Roger Lane from Dane County. 


Bruce and Ellen Smith, 418 Tipperary Rd., appeared to discuss creating a buildable lot behind their existing home for their daughter and fiancé.  The lot would need to have 66 feet of road frontage.  There was discussion about the driveway and creation of the lot.  Duffin suggested having the preliminary CSM completed for review by the town.


Brian Leverenz appeared to discuss getting an address at property owned by his parents on Alpine Road.  He has deliveries and they are unable to locate the property without an address.  He plans to have an apple orchard. Duffin suggested having a density study completed at Dane County to determine the number of building sites available.  There was discussion about zoning and potential use of the property.  It was suggested that he contact Dane County to obtain an address prior to have a building on the property.          



5.         Discussion and possible Action re: Review of the Town Comprehensive Plan.

Weidenbeck said the town board made the suggestion for the review of the comprehensive plan to keep it simple and reasonable.  There was discussion on the steps for review of the comprehensive plan.  Kay asked if there were specific areas that needed review in the plan.  Duffin said that some residents would like to see an increase in density, but an equal number don’t want an increase.  The town board is interested in looking at transfer of development rights (TDR).  Duffin also discussed that RH zoned properties prior to 1994 would be allow to build an additional house.  This would affect ten (10) to twelve (12) parcels.  The commission will need to decide next month if plan review will happen in additional work session or at the regular monthly meeting. 


6.         Discussion and possible Action re: TORC procedures.

No discussion items.


7.         Change date of February 2017 Plan Commission meeting due to conflict with election.

The plan commission meeting date was changed to Tuesday, February 28, 2017 due to Spring Primary election.


8.         Communications.

No communications.


9.         Adjournment.

Motion by Hagemann to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 p.m.  Seconded by Christensen.  Motion carried



Respectfully submitted,



Jennifer Hanson

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