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Plan Commission Minutes
Apr 26, 2016
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 Town of Oregon  

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes  

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


1.Open Public Hearing:

Town of Oregon Plan Commission Chairman Duffin called the public hearing to order on Tuesday, April 26, 2016 at 6:35 p.m.


Members present:  Tom Wiedenbeck, Andy Blomstrom, Dave Hagemann, Brian Duffin, Arlen Kay and Sharon Christensen.  

Member absent:  Paul Morrison.

Also present:  Town Board Chairman Wayne Ace and Treasurer/Deputy Clerk Jennifer Hanson.


a.        Land Division and Rezone Request. Petition # DCPREZ-2015-10939; Parcel #0509-264-9500-1; 296 Union Rd., Brooklyn, WI 53521.  The request is for shifting of property lines between adjacent land owners.  The property would be rezoned from A-1Ex to A-2 on 27.34 acres.  Petitioner and Owner is Marshall Brothers, 296 Union Rd., Brooklyn, WI  53521.  

Jason Marshall, 296 Union Rd., appeared to discuss dividing the farm in half with his brother.  This division will give each brother three (3) splits.  The original farmstead was 213 acres which allowed for seven (7) splits.  One split was used to build Danny’s home, so six (6) splits remain.  The twenty-seven (27) acre parcel will be rezoned to A-2.  


                        b.         Land Division and Rezone Request.  Petition # DCPREZ-2016-10968; Parcel

# 0509-142-8800-0 & 0509-142-8526-0; west of 5207 Lincoln Rd., Oregon, WI  53575.  The request is to transfer the building site location.  No additional building sites requested.  The 5.11 acre property would be rezoned from RH-2 to A-4 and 5.35 acre property would be rezoned from A-3 to RH-2.  Petitioner is Paulson & Associates LLC, 135 W. Hlum St., Deforest, WI  53532.  Owners are Steve Gasner, 6225 Stony Hill Dr., Oregon, WI  53575 & Roger Parsons, 5207 Lincoln Rd., Oregon, WI  53575.

Steve Gasner, 6225 Stony Hill Dr., appeared to discuss purchasing additional land from Roger

Parsons and moving the buildable site to a different location on the farm.  The large swale from Bergamont is causing problems installing a driveway at the current site.  Gasner would like to create a new driveway off of Lincoln Road, but needs to obtain a driveway variance from the town board.  Gasner would reconfigure land ownership and return the current driveway back to Parsons.  Dane County is requesting that the A-4 parcel be rezoned to CO-1 Conservancy.  There was discussion about the location of the home and driveway including a joint driveway with the neighbor.  The plan commission would like to see the least amount of farmland lost for a home.  Clerk Hanson read a letter from the neighboring land owner Bob Everson.  The plan commission tabled this petition until the town board reviews the driveway variance request at the town board meeting on Tuesday, May 3, 2016.              


2.         Close Public Hearing.

Duffin closed the public hearing at 7:44 p.m. and went directly into the regular plan commission meeting.



3.         Call Plan Commission meeting to order.

Chairman Duffin called the Planning Commission Regular Meeting to order.


4.         Discussion and possible Recommendation to the Town Board:


a.                  Land Division and Rezone Request. Petition # DCPREZ-2015-10939; Parcel #0509264-9500-1; 296 Union Rd., Brooklyn, WI 53521.   

No further discussion.  Motion by Blomstrom to approve Land Division and Rezone Request; Petition # DCPREZ-2015-10939 with the understanding that Dan and Jason both have three (3) building sites.  Seconded by Hagemann.  Motion carried 6-0.


b.                  Land Division and Rezone Request.  Petition # DCPREZ-2016-10968; Parcel # 0509142-8800-0 & 0509-142-8526-0; west of 5207 Lincoln Rd., Oregon, WI  53575.   Petition tabled pending a driveway variance approval from the town board.   


5.         Approval of minutes from the last meeting.

Motion by Wiedenbeck to approve the minutes from last meeting.  Seconded by Christensen.  Motion carried 6-0. 


6.         Public Comments.

Brandon and Gary Leverenz appeared to discuss getting an address for property owned on Alpine Road, next to 5590 Alpine Road.  The property is zoned RH-2, but they would like to rezone to agriculture.  Eventually they would like to have a pick your own farm.  The property is allowed to build a house, but the plan to build a shed first.  There was discussion regarding improving the current field driveway.  They were advised to proceed with applying to the county and town for rezoning.    


7.         Discussion and possible Action re: TORC procedures.

The Oregon High School called Wayne Ace to ask if they could build a structure for Ken at the TORC.  The town will pay for the materials, but the school will build.  The TORC will be open on Wednesdays starting May 4, 2016.


8.         Update on Anderson Park.

The county purchased eight (8) acres that will be used for agriculture.


9.         Communications.

Duffin discussed a zoning issue that changed everything with the Country View Vet petition.  Country View Vet appeared before the plan commission in February, but Duffin requested they come back in March to update their conditional use permit (CUP) because it was outdated and there was not a limit on the number of dogs.  Duffin wasn’t sure if daycare required a conditional use permit (CUP).  Duffin reviewed the county ordinances and assumed that daycare was a permitted use because it was not specified in the county ordinances as needing a CUP.  The plan commission ran the March public hearing with the assumption that daycare was a permitted use in C-1 zoning.  Duffin said Morrison didn’t appear the meeting was necessary.  The next day Roger Lane from Dane County replied to an email that the town public hearing was necessary because Country View Vet was out of compliance with their CUP.  Duffin didn’t think much of his response and let it go.  Later Duffin learned that Dane County doesn’t use the term daycare.  Dane County considers daycare, boarding and kenneling as the same thing because money is exchanged for care of an animal during any length of time.  The final conditions approved town board reduced the number of dogs allowed outside to ten (10) dogs.  The petition is waiting for approval from the county.  Blomstrom thanked Ace for a good town board meeting.      


10.     Adjournment.

Motion by Hagemann to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 p.m.  Seconded by Christensen.  Motion carried 6-0. 


Respectfully submitted, 



Jennifer Hanson

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