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Plan Commission Minutes
Apr 22, 2014
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  Town of Oregon

Plan Commission Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


1.         Open Public Hearing:


Town of Oregon Plan Commission Chair Weber called the public hearing to order on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.  In attendance were Darryl Weber, Tom Wiedenbeck, Paul Morrison, Andy Blomstrom, Dave Hagemann, Brian Duffin, Sharon Christensen and Deputy Clerk Jennifer Hanson.


a.                   Conditional Use Permit; Petition # DCPCUP-2014-02271; Parcel # 0509-0838-000-7.  The request is to obtain a conditional use permit (CUP) for a limited family business (limousine and bus service).  The property is zoned A-1EX.  Petitioner and Owner is Wayne & Dee Ace, 1219 County Highway D, Oregon, WI  53575.


Wayne Ace, 1219 County Highway D, appeared to obtain a conditional use permit (CUP) for his limousine and bus service.  He would like to continue operating the same business he has had for the past 24 years.  This application was made to be in compliance with the county, but he is not changing any operation of his business.  Wayne started the process six years ago, but the county employee he was working with changed positions and it was never finalized.  This is the first CUP for the business since it started in 1989.  Duffin made Wayne aware that a Dane County requirement of the family business provision allows for only one full-time, non-family member.  Wayne stated that there is no limit on the number of part-time employees.  According to Dane County Ordinance 10.192(3) (3), “All employees, except one or one full-time equivalent, shall be a member of the family residing on the premises.”  A full-time employee is 2080 hours per year.  Wayne has no plans to expand the business.  Wayne reported that Dane County inspected his property today and certified all the buildings including his home in the CUP.  The county is not requiring commercial zoning nor do the buildings have to conform to commercial code.


John Pinger, 1247 County Road D, asked how many vehicles were on-site and if there is enough room to keep the vehicles inside.  Wayne said he has ten (10) vehicles and all the vehicles are kept inside except when vehicles need service or are being cleaned.  John and Laura expressed appreciation of the great neighbors the Ace family have been for the last 23 years and supported the Ace request.


Wayne was concerned about the noise at his location, but he has not heard any complaints.


2.         Close Public Hearing.


Darryl closed the public hearing at 6:40 p.m.


3.         Call Plan Commission meeting to order.


Immediately following the close of the public hearing, Weber called the regular plan commission meeting to order.


4.         Discussion and possible Recommendation to the Town Board:

a.                  CUP; Petition # DCPCUP-2014-02271; Parcel # 0509-0838-000-7.


The plan commission was supportive of Wayne Ace’s request for a conditional use permit (CUP) and glad to see small businesses surviving in the township.  The plan commission clarified that the CUP runs the life of the owner, but could be reviewed every 3 years.  Motion made by Blomstrom and seconded by Christensen to approve Conditional Use Permit; Petition # DCPCUP-2014-02271; Parcel # 0509-0838-000-7.  The motion will be forwarded to the town board. 


5.         Approval of minutes from the last meeting.


Motion made by Duffin and seconded by Hagemann to approve the March 18, 2014 meeting minutes.  Motion carries.


6.         Public Comments.

Dale Secher, 5683 Lincoln Rd., appeared to discuss his upcoming zoning application.  First, he would like to provide another access road out to Tipperary Road to increase safety for the current homeowners.  This would not be a town road.  Secondly, Dale would like to create a buildable lot for his son.  His son plans to take over the business and would need to live on-site.  After talking with the county, Dale plans to create two lots.  One lot for the building site owned by his son and the other lot would be an agricultural lot owned by the farm estate.  The driveway for both lots would be off Tipperary Road and would be owned by the farm estate.  Dale had a density study completed and he has three (3) splits available.  Lastly, Dale would also like to separate his home from the rest of the farm acreage and sell additional land to his neighbor Arlan Kay.  Dale intends to make these requests in two separate applications.  His first application will be to create a lot for his son.  Weber clarified that Dale owns 66 feet of road frontage on Tipperary Road.  The new home would have a Tipperary Road address.  Dale said the county’s recently adopted policy allows for newly created lots to not need 66 feet of road frontage and allows for a shared driveway easement.  The county will allow up to four (4) homes to share a driveway easement.  The plan commission discussed the county’s new policy.  The town may need to make amendments to the comprehensive plan to allow the county’s new policy.  Secher would not sell a buildable site to Arlan Kay.  The plan commission had lengthy discussion.  Weber thinks it will be about a six (6) month process to change the town’s comprehensive plan.  The plan commission will discuss this issue next month.      


7.         Discussion and possible Action re: TORC procedures.

Weber said that everything is running smoothly at the TORC.


8.         Update on Anderson Park.

Steve Root updated the plan commission that Dane County will be sending an arborist to look at the trees in the road right of way on Union Road.  The Friends of Anderson Park have applied for a 501(c)(3) status to be a  tax-exempt, non-profit organization.  The park hosted 90 kids from Brooklyn Elementary School.  The kids were loaded and unloaded at the Village entrance to the park and not on Union Road.  There was also a portable toilet delivered.  Root works with Laura Guyer at the county on park issues.


9.         Communications.

Weber said the road bids will be open Monday morning.  The Lincoln Road speed limit will remain the same.


10.     Adjournment.

Motion made by Hagemann and seconded by Christensen to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 p.m.  Motion carries.


Respectfully submitted,



Jennifer Hanson

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