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Plan Commission Minutes
Sep 17, 2012
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 Town of Oregon

Plan Commission Meeting Minutes

Monday, September 17, 2012


1.                  Call Plan Commission meeting to order.

Town of Oregon Plan Commission Chair Weber called the Plan Commission meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, September 17, 2012.  In attendance were Darryl Weber, Dave Hagemann, Andy Blomstrom, Tom Wiedenbeck, Brian Duffin, Sharon Christensen and Deputy Clerk, Jennifer Hanson.  Paul Morrison was absent.

2.                  Approval of minutes from the last meeting.

Motion made by Christensen and seconded by Duffin to approve plan commission minutes from Monday, August 20, 2012 with the correction of removing the wording “for the park” under #5.  The new sentence would read, “The town board will hold a special town board later this week or early next week to approve the bid for the recyclable compactor and Comp Plan amendment.”  Motion carries.

3.                  Public Comments.

There were no public comments.

4.                  Appearance by Todd Wenninger, 6191 Oak Hollow Dr., re: Covenants for Hampton Valley.

Todd Wenninger appeared to discuss amending the covenants for the Hampton Valley subdivision.  The developer, Dan Levine told him that the town needed to approve any changes to the covenants.  However, none of the sections they are looking at amending would require town approval.  Weber stated that the town doesn’t enforce or change the covenants and the covenants are an agreement between the homeowners and the developer or homeowner’s association.  The town does deal with issues such as location of driveway, roads or storm water.  Mr. Wenninger stated the three issues he is looking to amend is the minimum square footage and how it is determined, exterior materials, and garage orientation.  There are only four (4) lots in the subdivision and the homeowners association is made up of the four lots and Dan and Patricia Levine.  Dan Levine said that there are a series of covenants that need to reviewed, not just the three stated and they have not yet developed a homeowners association or an architectural review committee.  There are currently 6 parties involved in the covenants; the four lot owners, Dan and Patricia Levine and Johnson Bank.  Dan Levine explained that the covenants for both Hampton Valley Estates and Hampton Hills have named the Town of Oregon as one of the parties that must agree to any changes to the covenants.  Mr. Levine feels that the town needs to go along with the amendment changes at some point down the road.  Weber stated that the town has always supported covenants and deals with issues such as driveways, roads and drainage, but the town has never been involved with creating or changing covenants.  Weber also explained that the town has always taken hands off approach with covenants, other than the requirements that are controlled by the township, like roads and driveways, which is why municipalities are named in the covenants.  Mr. Levine believes that the general intention of all the affected land owners is in the spirit of getting through this situation and no one is contentious.       

5.                  Discussion and possible Action re: Recyclable compactor at the TORC.

Weber reported that the concrete pad will be poured later this week or next week and the electrical will be installed for the recycling compactor at the TORC.  The contract has been signed with Pellitteri and Pellitteri has agreed to provide the signage.  The TORC employees are concerned that the bags that contain aluminum cans cannot be put into the recycling compactor.  The plan commission discussed the possibility of sending a mailing to notify the residents of the changes.  Hagemann reported that he has diverted residents away from the burn pile and educated them to use the recycling containers for paper and cardboard.  Weber feels that the recycling compactor will resolve the issue of burning cardboard because it will be easier to use.  The oil filters collection system is going very well.  Hagemann suggested a sign for the burn pile that says, “No cardboard.”   If problems with burning continue after the recycling compactor is installed, then the plan commission will look at having more trainings and additional signage.   

6.                  Discussions and possible Action re: Town’s Submittal Application for Land Division, Rezones and CUP.

Deputy Clerk Hanson is still working of the application packet.

7.                  Communications.

The Town Board supported the comp plan amendment, but a date for the county board hearing hasn’t been set.  The town board is interviewing candidates for the open public works position.

8.                  Adjournment.

Motion made by Christensen and seconded by Duffin to adjourn the meeting at 7:10 p.m.  Motion carries.


Respectfully submitted,



Jennifer Hanson


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