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Plan Commission Minutes
May 21, 2012
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 Town of Oregon

Plan Commission Meeting Minutes

Monday, May 21, 2012


1.                  Call Plan Commission meeting to order.

Town of Oregon Plan Commission Chair Weber called the Plan Commission meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  In attendance were Darryl Weber, Andy Blomstrom, Dave Hagemann, Tom Wiedenbeck, Brian Duffin, Sharon Christensen, Paul Morrison and Deputy Clerk, Jennifer Hanson. 

2.         Approval of minutes from the last meeting.

Motion made by Blomstrom and seconded by Duffin to approve minutes from the Plan Commission meeting minutes of April 16, 2012.  Motion carries.         

3.         Public Comments.

Town resident Peggy Jo Sanderson, 6274 Sun Valley Pkwy, distributed a CSM of her lots.  She would like to move the location of the driveway between Lots 1 & 4.  She owns both lots and would like to make the driveway span into Lot 1 more narrow by straightening the driveway line on Lot 4.  The driveway also has an easement to serve lots 2, 3, and 4.  Currently there is not a home on Lot 1.  Lot 1 is land locked and therefore Dane County requires a minimum of 66 ft of road frontage.  The minimum road frontage is required for Lot 1 to remain a buildable lot.  The plan commission recommends contacting a surveyor to determine the amount of road frontage and then return to the plan commission.

4.         Discussion and possible recommendations to the Town Board re: Amendments to the Town of Oregon Comprehensive Plan (adopted April 9th, 2007, last amended June 2nd, 2009) related to Policy 1f, Chapter 5a Agricultural Resources (page 30).

Town Planner Andrew Bremer has been working with Brian Standing from Dane County on a revision to Policy 1f, Chapter 5a Agricultural Resources in the comprehensive plan.  Mr. Bremer distributed an amendment dates May 11, 2012.  The amendment includes a table of the number of additional lots allowed based upon zoning classification.  The minimum lot size is 2 acres.  The number of additional lots would be determined by the amount of acreage that remains after the minimum zoning acreage has been used.  The maximum number of additional lots is capped at four to prevent a plat.  Mr. Bremer said that Mr. Standing didn’t agree with rounding up acreage when determining the number of additional lots.  The impact of the proposed policy change is an additional 26 lots.  The original policy allowed for 36 lots.


Mr. Bremer doesn’t have full confidence that Dane County staff is going to support the policy change even though it is only 26 lots and is less than the 2008 projected demand.  Mr. Bremer does feel that it can be argued successfully.  Mr. Standing comment has been that we’re in a recession and there are other lots available in the county, so why create more?  Mr. Bremer argues that this is not a plat approval, but a policy change and why should one town get penalized for excess lots in other communities.  Mr. Bremer doesn’t know if we will get Mr. Standing’s full support.  However, Mr. Standing couldn’t find anything to add or change to the policy amendment and supported the language.


Chairman Weber said that 20-30 ago people bought 7-10 acres assuming that they would have another buildable lot.  Mr. Bremer said they can show that the majority of these homes are clustered in an area of non-active farm use or poor soils.  Also, the issue of supply and demand could be argued that most of the lots would go to someone that the homeowner already knows.


The plan commission is concerned because the comp plan is suppose to be for 20 years and not based upon the current economy.  This proposed policy change clarifies what the town always intended and they shouldn’t have to come back to change the plan when the economy changes.


Christensen questioned the acreage size of RH-1 lots from the list provided by Dane County planning.  Some parcels have more than double the required minimum acreage in their zoning classification.  Previous blanket rezones were on agricultural zoned land and didn’t affect RH zoned parcels.  The largest RH-1 acre lot in the township is 19.78 acres.


Mr. Bremer is willing to go to Dane County to speak on the town’s behalf.  Mr. Bremer said that Mr. Standing agrees with the language, but can’t speak to how the county board will view it.  The town would like to request a staff report before making an official submittal.  Blomstrom feels that there are more than 26 potential lots, because there are a lot of 4 or 5 acre lots in the township.  There are eight (8) RH-1 zoned lots above 4 acres.  The plan commission discussed the rational for requesting the change.  The plan commission agreed to proceed with the policy amendment and asked Mr. Bremer to draft a letter to Dane County.  The plan commission agreed to hold a public hearing on Monday, July 16, 2012.


The plan commission reviewed the list of parcels zoned RH prior to December 15, 1994.  The plan commission discussed if the policy would apply if there was a change in ownership or if it stays with the owner prior to December 15, 1994.

5.         Discussion and possible action re:  Town’s Submittal Application for Land Division, Rezones and CUP.

No action taken.

6.         Communications.

Duffin reported on attending a Dane County Farmland Preservation Plan meeting.  Mr. Standing presented and gave other municipalities an overview of what the process will entail.  Town of Oregon was one of only two counties that had A-3 zoned properties.


Morrison mentioned that the Art Fair will be held on June 16 & 17.

7.         Adjournment.

Motion made by Hagemann and seconded by Blomstrom to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 p.m.  Motion carries.



Respectfully submitted,




Jennifer Hanson



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