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Plan Commission Minutes
Dec 17, 2012
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  Town of Oregon

Plan Commission Meeting Minutes

Monday, December 17, 2012

1.                  Open Public Hearing.

Town of Oregon Plan Commission Chair Weber opened the public hearing at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, December 17, 2012.  In attendance were Darryl Weber, Tom Wiedenbeck, Dave Hagemann, Brian Duffin, Sharon Christensen and Deputy Clerk, Jennifer Hanson.  Absent were Paul Morrison and Andy Blomstrom.

a.      Land Division and Rezone; Petition # N/A; Parcel # 0509-153-9830-7.  The request is to create one residential lot and rezone property.  The 9 acre, RH-3 zoned parcel will be divided into Lot 1 – 4.29 acres, zoned RH-2 and Lot 2 – 4.29 acres, zoned RH-3.  The property is located at 999 Glenway Road.  Petitioner and Owner is Susan Lethem, 999 Glenway Road, Oregon, WI  53575.

Susan Lethem has lived at 999 Glenway Road for approaching 30 years.  She is asking the town for approval to split her 9 acre property into 2 equal, 4.29 acre parcels.  This would divide the property in half.  The existing home and other buildings would be on one parcel and the other parcel would be sold as a building site.  Jerry Jensen, a neighbor, appeared to support the petition.  The septic tank and field would be included in the parcel with the existing home.  There was discussion about the two options created by the surveyor to split the property.  There was discussion about the location of the driveway for the new lot.  No other questions or comments were heard from the public.

2.                  Close Public Hearing.

Weber closed the public hearing at 6:40 p.m.

3.                  Call Plan Commission meeting to order.

Weber called the Plan Commission meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.

4.                  Discussion and possible Recommendation to the Town Board.

a.      Land Division and Rezone; Petition # N/A; Parcel # 0509-152-9830-7.

Chairman Weber opened up comments from the plan commission members.  Hagemann discussed the potential to split the two parcels again.  Duffin agreed that the comp plan language would allow for additional splits.  The Plan Commission discussed the concerns of fitting additional lots on the property, 66 feet of road frontage and location of driveways if the lots were split again.  Jerry Jensen suggested that the town add a restriction that the lots could not be further divided.  Ms. Lethem expressed concern over limiting the options of the property because it could affect the sale of the property.  Jerry Jensen clarified that he was talking about a zoning restriction and not a deed restriction that would require a home with a minimum square feet.  Mr. Jensen doesn’t feel that the restriction would decrease the value, but enhance the value because it would ensure that no one could buy the lot and split again.  There was additional discussion about restricting the splits.  Motion made by Hagemann and seconded by Duffin to Approve the Land Division and Rezone; Petition # DCPREZ-2012-10516; with the additional zoning deed restriction on both lots that no further splits would be allowed.  Motion carries. 

5.                  Approval of minutes from the last meeting.

Motion made by Duffin and seconded by Christensen to approve November 19, 2012 meeting minutes with changes as presented.  Motion carries.             

6.                  Appearance by Alliant Energy re: Upgrade of utilities around Netherwood Road.

Shawn Hillestad, construction manager at Alliant Energy, appeared to discuss the upgrades necessary to connect to the substation on County Road D.  Currently, they are working on the feeder line up Netherwood Road that will serve the growth on the west side of Oregon.  Construction will begin in early February 2013 and will take a month and a half to complete.  Alliant will be removing 5 or 6 oak trees from the Keller property.  All trees being removed are in the road right of way.  Residents Jean, Betsy and Gayel Larson appeared to ask what side of the road the lines will be placed.  The lines will be on the north side of the road until Alan Drive and then the line will move to the south side.  Some lines will be placed underground.  Alliant is working on determining the road right of way and more information will be available next month.  The Plan Commission will hold a public hearing in January.

7.                  Discussion and possible Approval re: Alliant upgrades in the town.

This agenda item was tabled to next month.

8.                  Public Comments.

There were no public comments.

9.                  Discussion and possible Action re: TORC procedures.

Chairman Weber reported that the town board approved the purchase of a used tractor for the TORC.  

10.              Discussions and possible Action re: Town’s Submittal Application for Land Division, Rezones and CUP.

This agenda item was tabled to next month.

11.              Communications.

Duffin attended the ZLR meeting at the county regarding the comprehensive plan amendment.  He said Andrew Bremer did a nice job of presenting the amendment.  Three residents from the Town of Oregon spoke in opposition of the amendment.  The residents complained that they were not property notified and the town already has too many lots in the town.  Blomstrom also attended the meeting and did an excellent job speaking in support of the amendment.  He explained that the Town held several meetings and a public hearing on this amendment.  He also explained that the amendment is not intended to create density, but maintain the density that existed prior to the comp plan.  The ZLR tabled the amendment and sent it to committee for review.  Bremer, Duffin and Blomstrom talked with the opposing residents for about 45 minutes in the hallway.  The comp plan amendment will be back on the county agenda for January 8, 2013.


Mike Foy from the DNR talked with Duffin about the manure running over the road near the Schenk property and weakening the road.  Mr. Foy suggested putting the culvert under the road to the DNR property.

12.              Adjournment.

Motion made by Hageman and seconded by Christensen to adjourn the meeting at 7:32 p.m.  Motion carries.


Respectfully submitted,



Jennifer Hanson





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