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Plan Commission Minutes
Jul 18, 2011
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Town of Oregon

Plan Commission Meeting Minutes

Monday, July 18, 2011


  1. Call Plan Commission meeting to order.

Darryl Weber called the regular plan commission meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  In attendance were Tom Wiedenbeck, Andy Blomstrom, Darryl Weber, Sharon Christensen and Deputy Clerk, Jennifer Hanson.  Absent were Paul Morrison, Dave Hagemann, and Brian Duffin.

  1. Approval of minutes from the last meeting. 

Motion Christensen/Wiedenbeck seconded to approve the Monday, June 20, 2011 meeting

  1. Public Comments.

No public comments.

  1. Discussion and possible Action re: changes at TORC.

Deputy Clerk Hanson contacted the Village of Oregon regarding sharing a yard waste facility.  The Village needs to move the location of their yard waste facility, but is not ready to make any decisions in the short term.  There are additional grant funds available for municipalities that share services.  The Village and Town maybe able to collaborate on shared facilities in the future.  The plan commission agrees that an increase in fees is reasonable due to the increase in costs.  It is hard to track the exact operational cost at the TORC because the public work employee’s time and equipment costs are shared with general town business.  The town may also consider putting a line item in the budget related to increase funding needed at the TORC since the facility is available for all town residents to use.  The plan commission would like the TORC fee increase to be effective September 1, 2011.  The Plan Commission discussed the future of the TORC admittance stickers.  Currently, the Town requires every vehicle that uses the TORC to purchase a one dollar TORC admittance sticker to be placed in the right corner of the driver side window.  The plan commission discussed other methods for TORC admittance including hanging something from the rearview mirror or requiring residents to purchase a punch card.  The Plan Commission agreed that eliminating the TORC admittance sticker and requiring residents to own a punch card would be the best method.  Also, all fees must be paid using a punch card and a resident must own a punch card for dropping off yard waste.  The plan commission discussed the need of a weather type facility for the TORC employees. The plan commission discussed having the TORC open on Wednesdays through the month of October, currently they close September 30th.  The plan commission also suggested adding a statement to the fee list that reads, “Other items will be charged at the discretion of the TORC attendants.”  The TORC card number will be written down with the resident’s name and address.  Motion Blomstrom/Christensen seconded a recommendation to the Town Board to eliminate the TORC admittance sticker and require residents to purchase a TORC punch sticker and require that payment be made using a punch sticker.                

  1. Communications.

The Plan Commission discussed speeding in the town.  There is an increase in patrol from the Village of Oregon.  Dane County will also be offering more patrol. 

  1. Adjournment.

Motion Christensen/Blomstrom seconded to adjourn the meeting at 7:51.  Motion carries.


Respectfully Submitted,




Jennifer Hanson

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