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Town of Oregon Plan Commission Meeting Minutes
Mar 15, 2010

  1. Call Plan Commission meeting to order.
    The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. In attendance were Chair Darryl Weber, Paul Morrison, David Hagemann, Brian Duffin, Sharon Christensen, Town Board Supervisor Chris Johnson, Dane County Supervisor Jerry Jensen and Deputy Clerk, Jennifer Hanson. Andy Blomstrom arrived at 7:20 p.m. There is one unfilled position on the Plan Commission.
  2. Approval of minutes from the last meeting.
    Motion Duffin/Hagemann seconded to approve the minutes from February 15, 2010. Motion carried.
  3. Presentation by Jim Welsh, Executive Director of Natural Heritage Land Trust regarding purchase of development rights (PDR) program.
    Mr. Welch represents a local non-profit group called Natural Heritage Land Trust. A land trust is a non-profit group that helps communities and landowners meet conservation goals by protecting farmland, parks, wildlife areas and trails. Mr. Welch gave a presentation on Agricultural Conservation Easements. Agricultural easements prohibit future development on property by acquiring some of the rights to the property. The easements are voluntary and compensate a landowner for giving up the right to develop on their property. The two programs available to purchase conservation easements are: purchase of development rights (PDR) and transfer of development rights (TDR). PDR is when the development rights are purchased and then set aside to never be used. TDR is when the development rights are purchased and then moved to another location. PDR requires public funding and TDR is bought in the open market. The federal, state and county have programs that provide funding for the purchase of easements. Successful farmland protection programs are based on a strong comprehensive plan. Mr. Duffin asked if the Village of Oregon would have approval over the PDR of Tom Buglass’s property at 5775 Lincoln Road under extraterritorial zoning (ETZ). Mr. Welch said the Village could not use ETZ power over the purchase of easements. However, a grant application would need to be submitted to obtain the funding and it is better for neighboring municipalities to agree that this is the best use of the land. Erica Schmitz, Land Use Manager for the Town of Dunn, explained that Dunn started acquiring easements in areas that McFarland intended on developing. This led to negotiating a boundary agreement between the Town of Dunn and the Village of McFarland. Mr. Jensen, Mr. Welch, Ms. Schmitz and resident Tom Buglass left the meeting to have further discussion in the clerk’s office.
  4. Public Comments.
    Jim Olson appeared because he is interested in purchasing a 2.3 acre parcel on Union Rd. He currently rents Richard Lofy’s property at 1088 Union Rd. and operates a tree trimming business and firewood sales. He plans to build an 80 X 50 pole or metal building. The property has a joint driveway agreement recorded, but the town would need to approve the location of the driveway. Mr. Weber made him aware of the water retention problems in that area. Mr. Weber said the town would support this business.

    Roger Parson, 5207 Lincoln Road, appeared to discuss his proposal to use the last split available on his property. Mr. Parsons had a Density Study completed and he has one additional nonfarm residential home site available. Mr. Parsons explained the potential location of the new lot. The new lot would share a driveway with 5207 Lincoln Road. Due to the length of the driveway, the driveway may need to be brought up to code by creating bump outs to allow for emergency vehicles. Mr. Duffin explained the three fees associated when creating this lot. The first fee is a $600 impact fee paid to the Town, the second is a conversion fee of around $1,000 an acre paid to the State, and the third is a use fee of around $500 an acre paid to the County. This location would be within the ETZ of the Village. The Plan Commission suggested checking with the County if the new lot would require 66’ of road frontage.

    Neg Lor, 6330 Putnam Road, Madison appeared to inquire about building a permanent greenhouse on the property he owns on County Highway A. He plans to sell flowers and vegetables. The plan commission said he is only allowed to sell the products grown on his property under the current agricultural zoning. The plan commission discussed the safety of the driveway and parking. Mr. Lor also expressed concern over the snowmobile trail on his property and that they have not received his permission.
  5. Discussion and possible Action re: DNR request for Bellbrook Road culvert.
    Mike Foy, property manager of the Brooklyn State Wildlife Area for the DNR, appeared to ask for replacement of the 1st culvert west of the bridge of Bell Brook Road. Mr. Foy explained the need for replacement and the benefit received if replaced. The current culvert causes a bottleneck for the West Branch of Story Creeks causing poor water quality. The larger culvert could help alleviate flooding in the neighboring farm fields. Mr. Foy cannot guarantee DNR funding, but should be able to provide a substantial contribution. Mr. Foy said the DNR water experts are concerned about the flush of sediments with a larger culvert, so there are still some issues that need to be addressed. Mr. Foy does have a 60 inch culvert currently available and would be able to provide the rocks and fabric. Chairman Weber heard no objections to replacing the culvert and will put it on the April’s Town Board agenda for approval.

    Mr. Jensen returned to the meeting after talking with Mr. Buglass, Mr. Welch and Ms. Schmitz in the clerk’s office. Mr. Jensen explained the funding available for the purchase of Mr. Buglass’s easements. Mr. Jensen will check with the Village of Oregon if they plan to develop Buglass’s property. If the Village of Oregon objects to the PDR, the grant application would receive a lower score because the grants are competitive and it is better for the Village and Town to agree.
  6. Discussion and possible Approval re: the Village of Oregon amending their Ordinance to allow for rounding up of land splits.
    The Village has not discussed this yet.
  7. Discussion and possible Action re: candidates for open position on the Plan Commission.
    Mr. Weber explained that only two people submitted applications. The Plan Commission expressed concern over the number of responses. Motion Blomstrom/Duffin seconded to run an ad in the Town newsletter. Motion carries.
  8. Discussion and possible action re: updating application paperwork for land split, re-zone or CSM.
    The Plan Commission will review other municipalities’ applications and discuss next month.
  9. Communications.
    Mr. Duffin suggested contacting Renee Lauber with questions about easements. Mr. Morrison will be holding an Art Fair on June 19th and 20th, 2010 at his business, Wood Cycle. Mr. Duffin asked Mr. Blomstrom about the use value fee. The board discussed the fees associated with rezoning agricultural property.
  10. Adjournment.
    Motion Duffin/Christensen seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 p.m. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Hanson

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