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Town of Oregon Plan Commission Meeting Minutes
Jun 21, 2010

  1. Call Plan Commission meeting to order.
    Chairman Weber called the plan commission meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. In attendance were Chair Darryl Weber, Andy Blomstrom, David Hagemann, Brian Duffin, Sharon Christensen and Deputy Clerk, Jennifer Hanson. Paul Morrison arrived at 6:40PM.
  2. Approval of minutes from the last meeting.
    Motion Duffin/Hagemann seconded to approve the May 17, 2010 meeting minutes. Motion carries. Chairman Weber introduced Tom Wiedenbeck as the new plan commission member.
  3. Appearance by Brian Standing, Dane County , re: follow-up work from DATCP and possible update to comprehensive plan.
    The Plan Commission reviewed the list of rezones provided by Mr. Standing. The Plan Commission was confused because some of the rezones didn’t make sense. The Plan Commission decided to table this item and ask Mr. Standing to attend next month’s meeting.

    The Plan Commission reopened this agenda item after the arrival of Supervisor Jensen. Supervisor Jenson explained that this is a clean up from the previous blanket rezone. The county wants to get rid of all A-3 zoning. Brian Standing has sent the changes to DATCP. The plan commission reviewed all the properties requiring rezones and noted corrections. Deputy Clerk Hanson will forward all changes made by the plan commission to Mr. Standing.

  4. Public Comments.
    There were no public comments.
  5. Discussion and possible approval re: additional driveway at 6267 Ahwahnee Ct.
    Richard Modjeski, 6267 Ahwahnee Ct. , appeared to request an occasional use driveway on Raven Oak Trail to gain access to pole shed. The covenants for the Raven Oak neighborhood have expired. The shed will be used to store boat, camp, snow blower and workshop. The proposed driveway would be approximately 30 feet from the intersection of Sun Valley Parkway and Raven Oaks Trail. Mr. Modjeski recently replaced the pole shed and the new building is 15 feet closed to Sun Valley Parkway . Chairman Weber expressed concern over traffic and the potential for an accident. Member Christensen asked if there would be enough room for a vehicle plus camper or boat to be completely on the road before reaching the stop sign. Mr. Modjeski didn’t know, but would be willing to take the necessary measurements. Mr. Modjeski is not able to access the pole shed from Ahwahnee Ct. The proposed driveway would only be grass, but he would like to install a 12 inch culvert. The plan commission discussed not approving the driveway due to traffic concerns, but explored the possibility of installing a culvert. The culvert would be necessary to gain access to the shed during wet times of the year. Chairman Weber discussed drainage concerns with the culvert. Member Christensen disagrees with allowing the installation of a culvert due the safety concerns and setting precedence. Member Duffin would be ok with using the driveway only a few times per year. Motion Duffin/Christensen seconded to deny the request for an additional driveway at 6267 Ahwahnee Ct. Motion carries. Chairman Weber and Member Blomstrom will make a site visit with the landowner to discuss the possibility of installing a culvert.
  6. Discussion and possible action re: removal of temporary turn-around at the end of Taft Street .
    The Plan Commission reviewed the communications from Dane County and decided to not remove the temporary turn-arounds at the end of Taft Street until the street is extended. Dane County also recommended not removing the cul de sac bulbs per Dane County Ordinance 75.19. Deputy Clerk Hanson will draft a letter to the homeowner for Chairman Weber to sign. Supervisor Jenson arrived and the plan commission went back to discussion Agenda Item 3.
  7. Discussion and possible action re: updating application paperwork for land split, re-zone or CSM.
    Agenda Item tabled.
  8. Communications.
    Member Blomstrom explained a new law that would affect the town’s ability to collect 5 years of property taxes on property annexed into the village. The town would be unable to collect the tax if there isn’t a boundary agreement. Chairman Weber reported that the Town Board hired Josh Cockroft as the third patrolman.
  9. Adjournment.
    Motion Duffin/Hagemann seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:40. Motion carries.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Hanson

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