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Town of Oregon Plan Commission Meeting Minutes
Jan 18, 2010

  1. Call Plan Commission meeting to order. (Item # 3 on the Agenda.)
    The regular plan commission meeting of the Plan Commission of the Town of Oregon was held on Monday, January 18, 2010. Chairman Darryl Weber called the meeting to order at 6:50 pm. The following Plan Commission members were present: Paul Morrison, Lloyd Klahn, Andy Blomstrom, David Hagemann, Darryl Weber, Brian Duffin, Sharon Christensen and Deputy Clerk, Jennifer Hanson. Chairman Weber changed the schedule of the agenda to allow travel time for petitioner Mr. Jerry Jensen.
  2. Approval of minutes from the last meeting. (Item #6 on the Agenda.)
    Motion Christensen/Hagemann seconded to approve the minutes from November 16, 2009. Motion carries.
  3. Public Comments. (Item # 7 on the Agenda.)
    Connie Dollard, 5441 County Road A, Brooklyn, WI appeared before the commission to find out if there were any changes made that would allow her to obtain an additional building site on her property. The plan commission discussed the history of the two parcels owned by Ms. Dollard. Duffin read a letter from Dane County dated 1-9-07 in request to parcel status determination. Petitioner Mr. Jerry Jensen arrives. There was continued discussion on whether the county considers the property two separate parcels or one parcel. The Plan Commission didn’t know the zoning of the parcel in 1994. Jerry Jensen explained the new Farmland Innovation Tax or conversion fee which assigns a fee for farmland converted from exclusive agriculture to residential. The current fee is $2,000 per acre payable to the state. Duffin explained the meaning of a non-conforming parcel. Chairman Weber suggested that Ms. Dollard follow up with Dane County.
  4. Open Public Hearing. (Item #1 on the Agenda.)
    a. Land Division & Rezone Petition # 10151.
    Chairman Weber opened the public hearing at 7:30 p.m. Jerry Jensen, 869 Glenway Road, Oregon, WI appeared to explain his request for a land division and rezone. Mr. Jensen explained he is doing two things; the first is creating 4 lots by splitting off the house and the buildings and the second is creating two CSM lots plus one postage stamp lot. Mr. Jensen is only doing this because of the Farmland Innovation Tax that assigns a fee to land being converted from A-1 exclusive to residential. Klahn asked about the 174’ strip of land. Mr. Jensen explained that this strip of land was an abandoned cemetery and is not owned by anyone. The graves were all moved to Prairie Mound Cemetery in the 30’s. Hagemann clarified that rounding up was used to determine number of splits allowed. Mr. Jensen explained that the postage stamp lot was purposely located next to the subdivision. Lots 3 & 4 and the postage stamp lot are the buildable sites. Lot 2 is a non-buildable lot and will need to be deed restricted. It is the remnant left over after the splits were used. There was discussion regarding the location of the splits and access to the building sites. Mr. Jensen explained that he is only doing this because of estate planning and the new conversion fee, not because he has a buyer or a real estate agent interested in buying these lots. There was discussion regarding the use conversion fee.
  5. Close Public Hearing. (Item # 2 on the Agenda.)
    The public hearing was closed at 7:43 p.m.
  6. Discussion and recommendation to the Town Board: (Item # 4 on the Agenda.)
    a. Land Division & Rezone Petition # 10151.
    Chairman Weber asked for questions and comments from the committee members. Morrison confirmed the location of Lot 4 in relation to the Town Park. Klahn said the rezone request meets all the requirements. Blomstrom agreed with Klahn and discussed the use change fee that may apply. Hagemann asked if this was within extraterritorial zoning of the Village of Oregon. Mr. Jensen said it is within extraterritorial zoning and is requesting that the Town of Oregon write a letter to the Village of Oregon to change their zoning ordinance to allow rounding up for number of splits. Mr. Jensen requested that Chairman Weber attend a Village board meeting. Duffin didn’t see any problems with the current plan and pointed out that there will be 3 park fees. Christensen would like to see Lot 4 be reconfigured to a rectangle shape and get rid of 66’ wide strip because of the legal description and it is difficult to market this property because of the odd shape. She would also like to see Lot 2 and the remnant of the 53 acres to be deed restricted because the county paperwork checked no in the deed restricted box. Mr. Jensen explained the reason for locating the postage stamp lot in a really high area on his property. Mr. Jensen explained that he is open to adjusting/reconfiguring the lot lines on Lot 4. There was discussion regarding the zoning classifications of the parcels. Mr. Jensen would like to zone Lot 1 to A-2(4) because of the existing farm buildings. Motion Klahn/ Duffin seconded to approve land division & rezone petition #10151, creating four lots with the stipulations that Lot 4 be reconfigured to a rectangle shape, the zoning of Lot 1 be A-2(4) and deed restricting Lot 2 plus remaining 53 acres. Motion carries. Mr. Jensen has requested a one year extension from Dane County to complete his land split. Weber and Duffin will write a letter to Village of Oregon requesting they amend their ordinances to allow rounding up.
  7. Call Plan Commission meeting to order. (Item # 5 on the Agenda.)
    The Plan Commission resumed the normal Plan Commission meeting previously called to order.
  8. Discussion and possible Approval re: the Village of Oregon amending their ordinances to allow for rounding up of land splits.
    Weber and Duffin will draft the letter as previously discussed.

  9. Discussion and possible Approval re: Amending Chapter 10 of the Dane County Code of Ordinances, Creating a Planned Unit Development (PUD) District, Creating Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Zoning Districts and Regarding Copy Area of Signs. Referred from 1/5/10 Town Board Meeting. C
    hairman Weber explained that these Dane County Ordinance Amendments were presented to the Town Board without first getting approval from the Plan Commission. The Town Board wants the Plan Commission to discuss these amendments. Duffin supports TDR but he is not sure on the receiving end of TDR. The Plan Commission discussed TDR. Weber said the Town Board didn’t recommend the TDR ordinance amendment. TDR is voluntary. Mr. Jensen, Dane County Supervisor, recommends approval of PUD but not TDR. Mr. Jensen explained that no one is able to get TDR to work because it is creating a new commodity and they are not sure how to price that commodity. Mr. Jensen doesn’t feel that the Town of Oregon is ready yet for TDR. The Town Board recommended PUD & signage, but didn’t recommend amendment change to TDR. Mr. Jensen didn’t have any problems with the signage amendment. The ordinance amendments are only being discussed, but no motion needs to be made.
  10. Discussion and possible Approval re: Amending Chapter 10 of the Dane County Code of Ordinances, Regarding Residences in the Exclusive Agriculture District.
    Mr. Jerry Jensen explained that this zoning ordinance amendment does away with the substantial income requirement for a hired hand/son/daughter working on the farm to build a home on the farmstead. The farmer would need to rezone to create the lot. The creation of the lot would be counted as a split. The Plan Commission discussed homes built for farm help under conditional use permit. Mr. Jensen explained that if a house is destroyed, the Town Board may approve moving the house more than 100 feet. Motion Duffin/Klahn seconded to approve Amending Chapter 10 of the Dane County Code of Ordinances, Regarding Residences in the Exclusive Agriculture District. Mr. Jensen clarified that this ordinance requires additional farm residences in A-1 Ex zoning to obtain a conditional use permit. Motion carries.
  11. Discussion and possible Action re: date of future Plan Commission meetings
    Chairman Weber discussed that the issue to move the date of the Plan Commission meetings came up because of the Dane County Ordinance Amendments that were presented to the Town Board before the Plan Commission. The Plan Commission currently meets the third Monday of the month. Mr. Jerry Jensen would like to have the Plan Commission meetings remain on the third Monday of the month because he is able to attend.
  12. Update on Comprehensive Plan.
    Chairman Weber discussed the pizza party that will be planned in the near future for all the hard work put into the Comprehensive Plan. Mr. Jensen suggested that the Plan Commission review the submittal paperwork.
  13. Re-appointment of Andy Blomstrom to the Plan Commission for 3 year term.
    This item was approved at last month’s agenda.
  14. Communications.
    Member Lloyd Klahn sent Chairman Weber his letter of resignation from the Plan Commission. The Plan Commission will discuss advertisement for open position at next month meeting.
  15. Adjournment.
    Motion made by Christensen/Klahn seconded to adjourn the meeting at 9:20pm. Motion carries

Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Hanson

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