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Town of Oregon Plan Commission Meeting Minutes
Oct 19, 2009

 The public hearing of the Plan Commission of the Town of Oregon was held on Monday, October 19, 2009. Darryl Weber, Plan Commission Chairman, called the public hearing to order at 6:30 p.m. with the following Plan Commission members present Lloyd Klahn, Dave Hagemann, Brian Duffin and Deputy Clerk, Jennifer Hanson. Absent were Paul Morrison, Andrew Blomstrom and Sharon Christensen.

     Petitioner Jen Williams submitted a request to rezone from RH-2 to A-2 with CUP at 1045 Hillcrest Lane, Oregon, WI 53575 to board horses. The property is 6 acres. Ms. Williams explained that she plans to purchase the property at 1045 Hillcrest Lane and would use the existing 40 X 60 structure to put in ten (10) stalls and also build a 60 X 120 riding arena. The rest of the space would be used for pasture. The dry lots would be located behind the structures. Ms. Williams currently trains horses and teaches horseback riding lessons and this property would give her the ability to provide a higher quality of care than she can get from boarding at other barns. Ms. Williams owns 5 horses and wants the possibility of having up to 25 horses on the property. The current driveway would be used and have the potential for traffic of up to 4 customers at one time. The only employees would be Jen and Scott Williams and Karen as a back-up employee. Ms. Williams intends to approach surrounding land owners to spread the manure. There would be no additional lighting needed on the property except possibly some solar lights. The current zoning would only allow one animal unit per acre, but the CUP would allow a horse boarding facility. Current surrounding landowners Ed Hefty and Phil Manion were present. Weber closed the public hearing at 6:40 p.m. and immediately opened the regular Plan Commission meeting.

     Weber asked for questions from the Plan Commission members. Klahn was satisfied with the zoning category. Hagemann said Dane County may limit the number of animals on the property. Duffin discussed the amount of manure produced. The Plan Commission explained the equipment she would need to spread the manure. Williams will use wood shavings for bedding. Klahn suggested Williams have a specific plan for manure before going to the county. Weber heard no objections to the request. Weber suggested that the following areas need to addressed; the number of horses and the bathroom facility. Williams will be installing a water line to the existing structure. Williams has not submitted an application for rezone and CUP with Dane County.

     Motion Hagemann/Klahn seconded to approve the rezone request and conditional use permit on parcel # 0502-161-9010-8, 1045 Hillcrest Lane, Oregon to A-2 CUP for horse boarding with the following conditions; that the petitioner works with Dane County on a bathroom facility and limit the number of horses to 25. Motion carries.

     Resident, Betty Kluever appeared during public comments to request a plat map for the Belleville snow cats.

     Motion Duffin/Hagemann seconded to approve the meeting minutes from September 21, 2009 with the following corrections: add Andy Blomstrom to the following Plan Commission members present and change Mr. Weber to Jim Weber. Motion carries.

     Dave Toothman didn't appear during public comments.

     Weber reported that the Land and Water Committee at Dane County approved the Farmland Preservation Plan.

     The Plan Commission didn't act on reappointing Plan Commission member Andy Blomstrom. The Plan Commission tabled this agenda item because Blomstrom was not present.

     Klahn questioned the number of splits available for William Cummings. Duffin explained the history on the number of splits potentially available on Will Cumming's property. Wording has been added to the Plan Commission meeting minutes that explain the number of splits is to be determined by Dane County. The Plan Commission discussed requiring a density study before the commission would make a decision.

     Klahn discussed land splits in Columbia County.

     Motion Hagemann/Klahn seconded to adjourn the Plan Commission at 7:24PM. Motion carries.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Hanson

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