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Selected Plan Commission Minutes
May 18, 2009



The Plan Commission Public Hearing was called to order by Town Board Chairperson Darryl Weber on Monday, May 18th, 2009 at 6:33PM. The following members were present: Paul Morrison, Lloyd Klahn, Andrew Blomstrom, David Hagemann, Darryl Weber, Brian Duffin, Sharon Christensen and Deputy Clerk, Jennifer Hanson. Also present were Town Planner, Andrew Bremer and Supervisor Chris Johnson.

  1. Open Public Hearing at 6:33PM.
    1. Proposed Amendments to the Town of Oregon Comprehensive Plan. Andrew Bremer, planner for the Town of Oregon discussed the five amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. The first amendment is amending Appendix I, which is a copy of the Town’s Farmland Preservation Plan that was adopted by Dane County on December 16, 2008. The second and third amendments are reclassifying rural development conservation subdivisions to rural preservation II (which use to be called transitional agriculture) and agricultural preservation to rural preservation. The change in terminology is to clarify differences between the Land Use Map and Farmland Preservation Plan Map. Amendments four and five were finding all the references to transitional agriculture and agricultural preservation in the Comprehensive Plan and changing them to rural preservation or rural preservation II. The last change is the addition of one more section to the plan, sub-policy 4, Rural Development Conservation Subdivision. This addition explains that although rural development conservation subdivisions are not on the map, the town still maintains policies and landowners or developers can propose an amendment to the Plan under those policies. Chairman Weber explained that the Village of Oregon would not consider the Comprehensive Land Use Plan until the Rural Conservation Subdivisions designated areas disappeared. Mr. Bremer explained that through the renewal process, the state worried about the amount of potential development and the Village worried about their future development which caused the ZLR committee to want more transition areas, which is now called rural preservation. The Plan Commission discussed Extraterritorial Zoning (ETZ) and Plat Review from the Village of Oregon. Mr. Bremer stated that the Village of Oregon started to implement extraterritorial zoning once their comprehensive plan was passed. Mr. Bremer believes there would be a better chance to get approval for a conservation subdivision outside of the 1 ½ mile ETZ, especially if the Village could not provide services. The Village of Oregon sent an email to the County that they are not objecting to the plan. Brian Standing sent out an updated FAQ sheet.
  2. Close Public Hearing at 6:45PM.
  3. Call Plan Commission meeting to order at 6:45PM.
  4. Discussion and possible Recommendation to the Town Board:
    1. Proposed Amendments to the Town of Oregon Comprehensive Plan. Chairman Weber asked the plan commission members for their comments. No comments. Motion made by Member Blomstrom to recommend to the Town Board to accept the five amendments made to the Comprehensive Plan. Seconded by Member Duffin. Motion carries.
  5. Reading and approval of minutes from the last meeting. Supervisor Johnson asked about the shared driveway agreement for the Trosper rezone from last month. The Plan Commission discussed the Trosper rezone and easement on the property. Chairman Weber will contact Mr. Trosper to clarify possible future development of residential lots and the driveway easement agreement. Member Hagemann made a motion to approve the Plan Commission Meeting Minutes from Tuesday, April 20, 2009. Member Duffin seconded. Motion carries. Deputy Clerk Hanson added the word ‘year’ in the following sentence, “Mr. Hann said this is a two to three year business plan."
  6. Public Comments. None.
  7. Appearance of Andrew Bremer, town planner. Mr. Bremer already appeared.
  8. Discussion and possible Action re: blanket rezone and Comprehensive Plan. The Plan Commission set a date of Tuesday, June 30th at 7:00PM or Monday, June 29th at 7:00PM to hold a resident meeting regarding the blanket rezone. Deputy Clerk Hanson will check with Brian Standing and email board with the final date. Chairman Weber thanked Mr. Bremer and he left at 7:20PM.
  9. Update of fencing ordinance. Chairman Weber updated the Plan Commission on the Shillingstad and Dohm fence dispute. Mr. Shillingstad has agreed to install the fence on his property and pay for the entire cost of the fence.
  10. Update on ATC transmission lines; PSC Case No. 137-CE-1470. There are no updates on the ATC transmission lines.
  11. Update on Comprehensive Plan. None.
  12. Communications. Mr. Blomstrom asked about the sale of ornaments at the Hann Christmas Tree Farm. The Plan Commission discussed the operation of the Hann Christmas Tree Farm. The Plan Commission went back to Agenda # 8 to review the updated FAQ sheet from Brian Standing. Any changes should be sent to the Clerk’s office. Member Klahn asked about wind energy ordinances in the township. Chairman Weber said the issue is being discussed at Dane County. The Plan Commission also discussed the gas line getting installed on Glenway Road. Member Christensen discussed a notice from the Wisconsin Realtors Association regarding the proposed increase in rates on the penalty of taking land out of exclusive agriculture. Member Blomstrom discussed how he assesses the penalty of taking land out of exclusive agriculture. The Plan Commission discussed how this would affect residents in Farmland Preservation.
  13. Adjournment. Member made a motion to approve adjourn the Plan Commission. Motion seconded by Member Christensen. Motion carries. Plan Commission adjourned at 8:11PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jennifer Hanson

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