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Selected Plan Commission Minutes
Aug 17, 2009

Oregon Town Hall, 1138 Union Road., Oregon, WI 53575

6:33PM – 8:06PM

Members Present: Darryl Weber, Paul Morrison, Lloyd Klahn and Brian Duffin. Andy Blomstrom arrived at 8:04 p.m.

Members Absent: David Hagemann and Sharon Christensen.

Staff Present: Jennifer Hanson, Deputy Clerk

Others Present: William Cummings

  1. Call Plan Commission meeting to order. Town Board Chairperson Darryl Weber called the Town of Oregon Plan Commission meeting to order at 6:33 p.m.
  2. Reading and Approval of minutes from the last meeting. Motion made by Duffin, seconded by Morrison, to approve the July, 20, 2009 minutes. Motion carries.
  3. Public Comments.
    1. Mark Barnes – CUP for a licensed composting facility. Mr. Barnes did not appear and Chairman Weber reported that he is no longer interested in obtaining a CUP.
    2. Resident William Cummings, 6060 Sun Valley Parkway, addressed the Plan Commission regarding the blanket rezone and is requesting an exception to the rezoning of his property. He said that it is not necessary to rezone his land from A-3 to A-1 Ex for the Farmland Preservation Plan to pass at Dane County. Mr. Cummings explained several reasons why his land should not be rezoned to A-1 Ex including: two-thirds of the land are not used for agriculture production, lands that are highly erodible and in CRP, lands in excessive of 12 degree slope, lands with hydric soils, and a DNR waterway on his property. Mr. Cummings land is surrounded by other highly developed pieces of property and is a prime candidate for infill. Mr. Cummings presented concerns about the additional requirements and costs associated with utilizing his split. Mr. Cummings also presented the Commission with a proposed Dane County zoning ordinance amendment that would require a certified survey map of his entire property be to be submitted prior to application and cost an additional $7,000. The Commission explained the reasons for not recommending Mr. Cummings request at the last Plan Commission meeting. The Plan Commission reviewed a map of the property and discussed the topography. The Plan Commission discussed the number of splits available on the property since the home was built in 1997, but the land was purchased in 1993 or 1994. Mr. Cummings stated that Jerry Jensen checked with the Town’s Attorney and told him that he was entitled to one split. Mr. Cummings maybe entitled to an additional split under the rounding up rule. However there is no documentation to support these claims and Mr. Cummings will need to have a density study completed at Dane County to confirm the number of splits available. The Plan Commission proposed writing a letter to Dane County supporting Mr. Cummings request to remain in A-3 zoning. The Plan Commission and Mr. Cummings discussed the location of his future splits. Member Klahn made a motion that the Plan Commission approve and support not changing the zoning of Mr. Cumming parcel. Mr. Duffin seconded. Motion carries. The Plan discussed the content of the letter to be sent to Dane County, specifically the lay of the land and steep slopes, future uses or intents of the land and the financial hardship. Mr. Cummings explained the proposed Dane County zoning ordinances. Deputy Clerk, Jennifer Hanson will work with Mr. Cummings in drafting the letter to be sent to Dane County. The Commission discussed the definition of hydric soil. Mr. Cummings continued to discuss policies related to exclusive agricultural zoning. The Plan Commission discussed the potential of transfer of development rights. Member Blomstrom arrived at 8:04PM.
  4. Update on Comprehensive Plan. This item was not discussed.
  5. Communications. The Plan Commission reviewed proposed Ordinance Amendments at Dane County on Preservation of Topography near Property Lines. No action was taken.
  6. Adjournment. Member Klahn made a motion to adjourn the Plan Commission meeting at 8:06PM. Member Duffin seconded. Motion carries.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jennifer Hanson

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