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Town of Oregon Plan Commission Meeting Minutes
Mar 25, 2008


Chairperson Darryl Weber Called the Plan Commission Meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. with the following members present: Paul Morrison, Andrew Blomstrom, Dave Hagemann and Brian Duffin. Member Lloyd Klahn and Sharon Christensen were absent.


  1. Open Public Hearing to discuss the Land Division and Rezone; Petition # 9874; Parcel #'s 0509-094-8650-0 & 0509-093-8000-5. The request is to increase the C-1 zoned parcel to 4 acres and create a separate parcel. The current zoning is A-1Ex and C-1. The request is to also increase permitted uses under C-1. Petitioner is Paul Morrison, 1239 Fish Hatchery Rd, Oregon, WI 53575. Paul Morrison removed himself from the board table and took a seat in the audience. Paul Morrison presented his request before the Plan Commission. He would like to continue to do more of the same type of business he is currently operating. He operates a woodworking business. His business is growing and he would like to continue to grow. The total parcel size is 42.5 acres, off of that is a C-1 portion that includes 3 buildings and 1.4 acres. Farther back on the property is the residence, which is RH-1 and 2 acres. He would increase the size of C-1 zoning to 4 acres and include entire farmstead, big green barn and septic system. Second part of plan is to separate the C-1 parcel off from existing parcel primarily due to a financing issue. The big barn would become a shop on lower level and partial showroom on upper level with area for workspace and storage. He would create parking by removing one silo and creating a spiral staircase to showroom. He would also expand permitted uses to include those that may be needed to operate his business. He is limiting retail sales to those that are not high traffic. The traffic volume could be 2 to 5 cars a day. Most work is done on-site at customers home. He is creating a place to display his work that he currently does not have. Paul would like to have an single, annual outdoor art fair under 10.13(2)(f). Supervisor Pen Beasley inquired if something could be added with Dane County for future landowners. Chairman Weber said the zoning would be restricted by the allowed uses. Paul would record a driveway easement so he would still have access to his home. Paul clarified that depending on the location of the septic system, the C-1 parcel may need to shift to include the septic system. He also wanted added to the restrictions that it is not for residential uses.
  2. Chairman Weber closes Public Hearing at 6:45 p.m.
  3. Chairman Weber calls Plan Commission meeting to order at 6:45 p.m.
  4. Discussion and possible Recommendation to the Town Board regarding the Land Division and Rezone, Pet. # 9874, to create a separate 4 acre, C-1 zoned parcel. Member Duffin questioned why agricultural uses was not included, Paul would like to add 10.13(2)(n) agricultural uses under permitted uses for C-1 zoning. Paul would have space for 8 -10 parking spaces, but realistically could only see one to two cars at a time. Member Hagemann asked if there would be additional outdoor signs or lighting and Paul said there will be a sign added to the shed by road and additional lighting would be added but would be green glazed lighting. Member Blomstrom asked if there would be additional equipment needed and Paul said the equipment would be the same. Chairman Weber made known that resident Jim Weber was concerned about the late notice, but was not opposed to the petition. No other residents in attendance expressed any concern. Chairman Weber thanked Paul for the presentation and think it is a good fit in Oregon.
  5. Motion made by Member Dave Hagemann to approve the Land Division and Rezone, Petition # 9874 with the following addition of permitted uses:
    10.13(1)(a) but not to include grocery stores, drug stores or other high-traffic facilities but mainly retail use
    10.13(1)(c) storage of wood supplies
    10.13(1)(j) for the woodshop
    10.13(1)(k) for potential future use of bicycle shop
    10.13(1)(o) for potential lawn and garden repair
    Also allow for the conditional use of 10.13(2)(f) for a single annual art fair or show and 10.13(2)(n) agricultural use No residential uses.

    Motion seconded by Member Duffin. Motion carries. Recommendation will be passed onto the board. Member Morrison returns to his seat at the board table.

  6. Reading and approval of minutes from last meeting. Motion made by Member Brian Duffin to approve the minutes from the February 26, 2008 meeting. Motion seconded by Member Dave Hagemann. Motion carries.
  7. Discussion and possible Action re: Creation of an Ordinance Requiring a Business Operating in the Town of Oregon to Obtain a Business Permit. Discussion postponed until after Agenda Item #8.
  8. Public Comments. Mark Riese from First Weber Realty appeared to ask about the possibility of two separate land splits in the Town of Oregon. The properties discussed were the Wendt and Frietag (5756 Highway D) properties. These properties were discussed at length. The Plan Commission recommended a density study from Dane County for both properties.
  9. Update on Comprehensive Plan. Chairman Weber said that the ZLR committee was meeting tonight and would know more tomorrow. Chairman Weber discussed the possibility of withdrawing from the exclusive agricultural zoning with Jerry Jensen. Member Hagemann questioned if the township would also lose the Farmland Preservation Plan Tax Credits. Twenty four (24) residents in the Town of Oregon receive the Farmland Tax Credit. Jerry Jensen is going to try and obtain a list of names and total dollar credits received. Member Hagemann wondered if the people would believe they have more rights for their land if the tax credits were removed. Member Duffin said that before exclusive ag zoning the Town allowed one home per 2 acres and after one per 35 acres. He also said that before exclusive ag, the price of land was the same for farming and building but after exclusive ag the price of land went up. Chairman Weber is against it but sees both the pros and cons. If exclusive ag was pursued, the town would be one of the very few in townships in Dane County that is not exclusive ag. Chairman Weber explained that the town could still accept the same requirements as exclusive ag but would be giving away the farmland tax credits. Chairman Weber explained that if the town was not exclusive ag prior to the Comp Plan, the mapping would have been easier. Member Duffin explained that because the cost of land is higher, most land is being sold to development and not for farming. Member Hagemann feels that if we lose exclusive ag there would be an increase in lots for sale because of the close proximately to Madison. Chairman Weber said the Town would still retain control through the Comp Plan. The town would also lose if any of the programs within the Farmland Preservation Program would resurface. Chairman Weber needs the support of the 24 property owners currently receiving the tax credits. Discussion followed but no motion was made.
  10. Discussion on Agenda Item 6, Discussion and possible Action re: Creation of an Ordinance Requiring a Business Operating in the Town of Oregon to Obtain a Business Permit. Chairman Weber explained that the new Building Inspector Brian Burkeland has requested that the businesses within the Town of Oregon be registered. Member Hagemann questioned what would constitute a business. Member Blomstrom doesn't believe that this is necessary and that there are other entities that provide protection. Resident Barb Wiedenbeck asked for clarification on what the building inspector's rights are if such a list of businesses existed. Discussion followed but no motion was made.
  11. Communications. The board discussed that Alliant/ATC are expected to start construction in Spring 2009. Discussion followed regarding location of electrical poles.
  12. Adjournment. Motion made by Member Brian Duffin to adjourn Plan Commission meeting and seconded by Member Dave Hagemann. Plan Commission adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Hanson, Deputy Clerk

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