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Aug 26, 2008

The Plan Commission was called to order by Town Board Chairperson Darryl Weber on Tuesday, August 26th, 2008 at 6:32PM. The following members were present: Lloyd Klahn, Dave Hagemann, Brian Duffin, Sharon Christensen and Deputy Clerk, Jennifer Hanson. Members Paul Morrison arrived at 6:35PM and Andrew Blomstrom arrived at 6:48PM.

  1. Call Plan Commission meeting to order at 6:32PM.
  2. Reading and approval of minutes from the last meeting. Motion made by Christensen and seconded by Duffin to approve the minutes from the Plan Commission Meeting on July 29, 2008. Motion carries.
  3. Public Comments. Resident Greg Hann of Hann Christmas Tree Farm appeared to discuss his driveway located at 848 Tipperary Road. Mr. Hann inquired if he would need Town approval to re-grade, widen and replace the culvert on his driveway. Mr. Hann stated that the town building inspector, Brian Burkeland, told him that the building inspector needed to approve this work before proceeding. Mr. Hann stated that Mr. Burkeland was verbally abusive. Mr. Hann explained that he is re-grading the driveway due to the wash out from the rains, widening the driveway to help with the flow and safety of traffic and replacing the existing 20 feet culvert to a 30 foot culvert with apron. The Plan Commission discussed the possible need for bump outs and the width of the driveway. The Plan Commission also discussed the safety and water flow of the driveway onto Tipperary Road. Mr. Hann shared that he will be taking away access to his parent’s shed that they currently enter through his driveway. Mr. Hann assured the Plan Commission that there will be no problem for emergency vehicles to reach his parent’s shed because there will not be a fence. The Plan Commission discussed alternatives on how his parents would continue to access their shed. Chairman Weber explained that the Town Board will need to approve a variance request for a larger culvert and asked Mr. Hann to set up a time to meet with Town patrolmen Ron Outhouse. The Plan Commission instructed Deputy Clerk Hanson to notify Al & Myra Hann about the driveway variance request on the September Town Board Agenda.

    Real Estate Agent Mark Riese appeared representing Donna Freitag of 5756 County Highway D to inquire about dividing her 40 acre parcel to create a new 10 acre parcel. The 10 acre parcel would be located on the southwest corner of the property. The Plan Commission said that the driveway permit would need approval from the county because it is located on a county road. The Plan Commission agreed that the density study proved that there was a split available and it meets the land use plan requirements for the Town. The Plan Commission suggested to proceed with a formal submittal application and also recommended contacting the county on the driveway.
  4. Discussion and possible Action re: Fencing Ordinances. Duffin stated that at the last meeting it was discovered that there are differences between the state statue and the Town ordinance on fencing. Last month a resident appeared to support developing a more comprehensive fencing ordinance. Jerry Jensen stated that the Town can only be more restrictive than state law. The board discussed issues of fencing in livestock. The Plan Commission tabled the fencing ordinance until next month.
  5. Update on Comprehensive Plan. Jerry Jensen gave the Plan Commission an overview on the status of the Comp Plan. He said that DATCAP wants to give the town a deadline on the mapping for the Farmland Preservation Plan. The County came up with different mapping options. The Plan Commission discussed the mapping options. The Plan Commission also discussed the possibility of dropping out of the Farmland Preservation Plan or re-zoning. Jerry Jensen would like to set up a meeting with the residents that receive farmland preservation tax credits to determine the impact of losing the credit. Jerry Jensen said if we dropped out of A-1 Ex zoning, the town would need to change those parcels to A-1 Non-Ex zoning. The Plan Commission discussed the issue of County zoning classification and future impact on land owners. DATCAP would like everything around the village to be transitional ag. and everything else to be Ag. Ex. Morrison left at 8:00 p.m. The Plan Commission discussed the different zoning classification on the map. The Plan Commission asked Jerry Jensen to present a map with one ring of transitional ag around the Village of Oregon and the Village of Brooklyn, but leave the remainder unchanged. Jerry Jensen agreed and will report back the feedback he receives from the County.
  6. Communications. None.
  7. Adjournment. Motion made by Hagemann and seconded by Christensen to adjourn the Plans Commission meeting at 8:20 p.m. Motion carries.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jennifer Hanson

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