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Apr 29, 2008


        The Public Hearing was called to order by the Plan Commission Chairman Darryl Weber at 6:34PM. The following members were present: Darryl Weber, Paul Morrison, Lloyd Klahn, Andrew Blomstrom, Dave Hagemann, Brian Duffin and Sharon Christensen.

  1. Open Public Hearing: Mr. Weber opened the public hearing on Land Division and Rezone Petition # 9888. Atty. Michael Lawton appeared representing current owners. The potential owner, James Purdin and land surveyor, Mike Hawkins are also in attendance. He corrected the Town of Oregon Agenda that Lot 1 at 19.536 acres is to be re-zoned RH-4, not A-3 and Lot 2 at 36.738 acres is to be re-zoned A-3, not A-1 Ex. Atty. Lawton has a completed density study through Dane County and there is one split available. There is a potential buyer for a 20 acre lot on southern end (Lot 1) and the current owners would retain the larger northern piece (Lot 2) for future uses. James Purdin, 899 Katie Lane Oregon, WI and his wife Katie are 14 year residents of the Village of Oregon and have been looking for a large rural property to build a home and to have an accessory building for cars. The cars would be for personal use. Mr. Hawkins does not see any site distance issues with the driveway location. Member Klahn questioned if 19 acres with a shed would be too much to mow. Mr. Purdin said it would not be landscaped but that Mark Riese would continue to farm the property. Member Hagemann asked where the driveway would be located on Union Road. Mr. Purdin said it would be more to the south end of the property. Member Hagemann also asked how far back off Union Road they would build. Mr. Purdin said it would be around 800 to 900 feet back from the road. Mr. Riese, real estate agent for Mr. Purdin, said that the building site is on the least productive farm ground. Member Hagemann stated that the driveway may require a bump out. Member Blomstrom explained that the Assessor is required to assess a penalty for converting agricultural land into residential. Atty. Lawton said that the Village of Oregon approved the rezone last night. Resident Mr. Ray Guiries, 1101 Union Rd., wanted to know the reason for selling 20 acres and what would happen after land was unable to be farmed. Member Klahn asked if any changes would happen with the larger parcel, Lot 2. Atty. Lawton said that there are no changes planned on Lot 2, but would be retained for possible future development. Discussion followed regarding the larger parcel being re-zoned either A-3 or A-1 Ex. Ray Guiries asked what the difference is between A-3 and A-1Ex. Member Hagemann read the Dane County description of A-3 zoning. Member Hagemann questioned the number of remaining splits. The board clarified that this would use the last remaining split according to the Dane County density study. Chairman Weber said that this split will incur a $600 impact fee. Chairman Weber also clarified that the previous splits on other side of Union Road were commercial zoning.
  2. Close Public Hearing. Chairman Weber closes the Public Hearing at 6:50PM.
  3. Call Plan Commission meeting to order. Chairman Weber calls the regular Plan Commission meeting to order at 6:50PM.
  4. Discussion and possible Recommendation to the Town Board:
    1. strong>Land Division and Rezone, Pet. # 9888 - Create two separate parcels. Member Morrison said that the larger parcel either needs to be zoned A-3 or A-1Ex. Member Klahn asked for clarification on lot zoning. Member Duffin clarified driveway bump out requirements. Member Christensen has no objections, but wants entire parcel to have the same zoning. Member Hagemann made a motion to approve Pet. # 9888 to divide parcel into two separate lots, Lot 1 at 19.536 acres, zoned RH-4 and Lot 2 at 36.738 acres, zoned A-3. Member Klahn seconded the motion. Motion carries. Member Christensen asked it the County would have a problem due to the amount of A-3 property in the Town of Oregon.
  5. Reading and approval of minutes from the last meeting. Member Blomstrom made a motion to approve Plan Commission minutes with address correction and change of father to farther from March 25 and March 19. Member Duffin seconded. Motion carries.
  6. Public Comments. Resident Jay Gould, 807 Whispering Oaks Rd., appeared to discuss the possibility of dividing a 4 acre parcel (lot #51) in the Windridge Subdivision into two, 2.1 acre lots. He would like to build a smaller, more energy efficient home on one lot and sell the other. Discussion followed regarding feasibility of dividing the parcel. The Plan Commission agreed that Mr. Gould should submit his request to the Town and County.
  7. Discussion and possible Recommendation to the Town Board re: Dane County Ordinance Amendment # 54, Amending Chapter 10, Providing for Town Board Consideration of Conditional Use Permits. Discussion followed regarding interpretation of the Ordinance Amendment from Dane County. Member Klahn made a motion that if Jerry Jensen said that it is ok then it should go before the Town Board. Member Blomstrom seconded the motion. Motion carries.
  8. Update on Comprehensive Plan. Discussion followed regarding status of the Comprehensive Plan. Member Duffin stated that Jerry Jensen said the Village of Oregon still has concerns with the Comp Plan. Chairman Weber explained that the meeting at the County went well and the Comp Plan was well received by the Village and the County. Chairman Weber stated the Town received an extension to have exclusive agriculture approved through July 31, 2008. Chairman Weber said the Comp Plan is still making progress toward approval.
  9. Communications. Member Duffin stated that the Moratorium on Development has expired. Chairman Weber believes that the moratorium can be extended and should be added to next month's agenda. Member Duffin summarized an article that DATCAP is reviewing the Ag. Preservation Act because it is not working. Chairman Weber discussed organization of committees for township and requested involvement from any members on the Plan Commission. Supervisor Chris Johnson explained traffic concerns in the Windridge Subdivison.
  10. Adjournment. Motion made by Member Christensen to adjourn Plan Commission meeting. Member Morrison seconded. Motion carries. The Plan Commission adjourned at 8:12PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Hanson

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