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Town of Oregon Plan Commission Meeting Minutes
Mar 27, 2007

Chairperson Darryl Weber called the Plan Commission Public Hearing to order at 6:45 p.m. with the following members present, Brian Duffin, Sharon Christensen, Dave Hagemann, Lloyd Klahn, Paul Morrison, Andy Blomstrom and Clerk, Denise Arnold.

       The public hearing was being held for a land division request for Vedvik Farms, LLC parcel numbers 0509-132-8720-6 and 0509-132-9080-9. Mike Calkins of Calkins Engineering represented Vedvik Farms, LLC. The request is for approval of the certified survey map to provide marketing for the most desirable sale of the lots. Water management issues were talked about. The developers have requested that the speed limit be reduced for the safety of the driveway. The current speed limit is 55 mph. and the most desirable would be 35 mph. The public hearing was closed at 7:03 p.m.

       Chair Weber called the Plan Commission Meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. The first item on the agenda was the action of the Land Division for Vedvik Farms, LLC. The petitioner has requested to divide the 7.845 acre parcel into one 2.3 acre parcel and another 4.4 acre parcel. The property is located on Union Road with the nearest intersection being Lincoln Road and Union Road, section 13. Motion made by Andy Blomstrom seconded by Brian Duffin to recommend the approval of the Vedvik Farms, LLC land division for Parcel#0509-132-8720-6 & 0509-132-9080-9 with the following conditions –obtaining a shared driveway agreement, moving the driveway a minimum of 72’ south and try to coordinate the location to be consistent with the driveway across the road for future use, recommendation to lower the speed limit to 35 mph and the ground water drainage issues be addressed. Motion carries.

       Motion made by Dave Hagemann and seconded by Brian Duffin to approve the minutes from the February 27, 2007 meeting minutes with the addition of the name Weidenbeck be added to the motion located on page two and correct a typographical error. Motion carries.

       Resident David Dillman of 6029 County Highway A, Brooklyn inquired if he would be able to build another house on his property. Mr. Dillman had two driveways on the five acre parcel and would sell his existing house to his son to build a bermed home on the A-1 Exclusive zoned property. The Plan Commission members shared that this would create a sub-standard parcel and the acreage would not support a land split for the purpose of building.

       Motion made by Brian Duffin and seconded by Sharon Christensen to recommend the Town Board pass a six month moratorium on subdivision plat submissions or conservation subdivisions to allow for new ordinances to comply with our up to date comprehensive plan. Motion carries.

       Motion made by Lloyd Klahn and seconded by Brian Duffin to adjourn the Plan Commission Meeting. Motion Carries.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise R. Arnold

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