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Town of Oregon Plan Commission Meeting Minutes
Jan 30, 2007

Chairperson Darryl Weber called the Plan Commission Public Hearing to order at 6:34 p.m. with the following; Commission members present Paul Morrison, Lloyd Klahn, Dave Hagemann, Brian Duffin, Sharon Christensen, and clerk Denise Arnold. Absent: Andy Blomstrom. There were 19 residents present.

Attorney Michael Lawton of Lathrop & Clark LLP and Engineer Mike Calkins of Calkins Engineering represented Vedvik Farm LLC for the public hearing. Vedvik Farm LLC has requested a zoning change from A-3 to C-2 on parcel numbers 0509-132-8720-6 and 0509-132-9080-9. The developer would like to use the 7.85 acres to establish a possible small contractor’s location suitable for an electrician and/or plumber. Resident Ray Guries of 1101 Union Road was concerned about the businesses that could potentially come in with such a broad zoning change at C-2. Chair Weber read a list of businesses that Vedvik Farm LLC had agreed they would not use for the site. Town resident Richard Lofy of 1088 Union Road located north of the site was concerned about the water drainage and his residence would be sandwiched in between two businesses. Mark Genin of 1090 Union Road currently operates a cabinetry business at that location. Genin would welcome the small contractors in that location. There were concerns about the drainage and the wide open C-2 zoning. A letter submitted to the clerk from resident Tom Buglass of 5075 Lincoln Road was read. Buglass had concerns about the existing businesses not being in compliance with the ordinances and was not in favor of more potential businesses coming into the Town. Vedvik Farm representative Michael Lawton assured residents that they would follow all site plan review ordinances with lighting, drainage and driveways. The Plan Commission would control usage and could deny any business they did not see acceptable with our land use plan. Two businesses would probably be the maximum. Dane County follows the recommendations from the Township. If a business would not be a good match for the Town of Oregon it would not be approved. The Plan Commission would prefer one driveway if possible, and follow the permitted uses, requiring two wells, septic and drainage fields. Chair Weber requested if there were any further comments to come before the Plan Commission regarding the Vedvik Farm rezone. There being none the public hearing proceeded.

Paul and Julie Hankes are requesting a land division and rezone for parcels 0509-284-8311-4 & 0509-284-9500-7. The petitioner would like to sell their existing dwelling and on the other parcel build a new home with handicap accessibility for a family member. A driveway variance would be needed to allow for 4 households to utilize the driveway. A written driveway agreement would need to be created in cooperation with the other residents involved. Chair Weber inquired if there were any questions regarding this matter. There being none the plan commission public hearing was closed at 7:40 p.m.

Chair Weber called the Plan Commission to order at 7:40 p.m. Motion was made by Lloyd Klahn and seconded by Brian Duffin to recommend land rezone petition number 9350 from A-3 to C-2 parcel numbers 0509-132-8720-6 & 0509-132-9080-9 located on Union Road in the Town of Oregon with the nearest intersection being Lincoln Road. The petitioner is Vedvik Farm LLC. The recommendation would include 19 exclusions adding there be no experimental laboratories, storage units or exceed a 35 foot height restriction. Only one driveway allowed and no impact fees would be imposed at this time. Motion carries.

Motion made by Sharon Christensen and seconded by Dave Hagemann to recommend a land division and rezone in section 28 involving parcel numbers 0509-284-8331-4 and 0509-284-9500-7 current zoning RH-2 & RH-4. Property owned by Paul Hankes, petitioner Julie Hankes of 5566 Bell Brook Road, request to create a buildable parcel. Approval of a written driveway agreement, variance permit is required. Motion carries.

Motion made by Brian Duffin and seconded by Sharon Christensen to approve the plan commission meeting minutes from December 19, 2006 as printed. Motion carries.

Chair Weber inquired if there were any public comments. Travis Johnson of 6080 West County Highway D owns 8 acres, the property is currently rented. Johnson would like to build a guest house for the purpose of his parents returning from Arizona during the summer months. The parcel would not support two dwellings; a structure could be constructed if it is attached to the existing home. Johnson thanked the plan commission for the information and will proceed with building an addition to the existing dwelling.

Resident Tom Wiedenbeck of 1164 South Fish Hatchery Road would like to change ¼ acre of his property to a C-2 zoning for the purpose of obtaining a dealer’s license for a gun shop. Most of the business would occur on line however the federal government requires a business address for a dealer’s license. He would not have foot traffic nor would he place a sign advertising the location for the public. The plan commission members found this a reasonable request and encouraged Mr. Wiedenbeck to continue the process.

Resident Connie Dollard inquired if it was feasible for a dwelling to be constructed on her property in addition to the existing home. There are two parcels one 11.2 acres and the other 1.15 acres for a total acreage of 12.25 acres. The plan commission members felt that it was a non-conforming lot and may not meet the requirements to support another dwelling. Ms. Dollard had contacted Norb Scribner at Dane County and was then hopeful that the second buildable site was feasible. The Plan Commission was unsure that there were any land splits available and felt that a density study should be conducted to be sure before proceeding with any future plans or additional expenses for Ms. Dollard.

A letter was read from David Kenison that had been submitted to the clerk during the plan commission meeting. Mr. Kenison, expressed objection to the Hankes land division.

Chair Weber reminded the plan commission members that written public comments for or against the Town of Oregon Comprehensive Land Use Plan must be submitted to the clerks’ office by Monday February 5, 2006 at 4:00 p.m. A work session will be held on Monday February 12th at and a Special Plan Commission Meeting to recommend the Comprehensive Plan to the Town Board will be held on February 13th. Both meetings will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Motion was made by Lloyd Klahn and seconded by Brian Duffin to adjourn the Plan Commission meeting at 9:10 p.m. Motion carries.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise R. Arnold

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