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Town of Oregon Plan Commission Meeting Minutes
Feb 27, 2007


       In the absence of Chairperson Darryl Weber, Brian Duffin called the public hearing to order at 6:40 with the following members present Paul Morrison, Sharon Christensen, Dave Hagemann, Lloyd Klahn and Clerk Denise Arnold. Plan Commission members absent were Darryl Weber and Andy Blomstrom. There were ten residents present.

       The first item on the public hearing agenda was petition #9672; Section 06; Parcel #0509-061-8561-0. Current zoning RH-4. Property owned by Robert and Lorraine Shillingstad, 6227 Purcell Road Oregon, WI 53575. Petitioner is the same. Request to divide 22.5 acre parcel and home into one parcel with 2.0 acres with the dwelling and another parcel with 20.5 acres. Property is located at 6195 Purcell Road. Due to conflicts Mr. and Mrs. Shillingstad were unable to attend the meeting however Mr. Jeff Raugh represented the petitioners. The Shillingstads would like to sell off the house and two acres and continue to rent out the remaining acres for the purpose of agricultural farming. There are no additional land splits on the RH-4 18.3 acres remaining. Commission member Sharon Christensen was concerned with the existing septic field. Christensen suggested that the east border be expanded so it would not encroach on the septic field. The renters have a field drive for farm use off of Purcell Road. The Plan Commission members suggested that a deed notice be placed on the parcel to limit another land split for the purpose of creating a building site.

       Land rezone petition #9679; section 9; parcel #0509-094-9000-2 with current zoning of LC-1. Property is owned by Tom Wiedenbeck, 1164 South Fish Hatchery Road, Oregon, WI 53575. Petitioner is the same. Request to change zoning from LC-1 to C-1. Property is also located at 1164 South Fish Hatchery Road. Mr. Wiedenbeck would like to establish additional businesses to include a small gun shop, possible corn stoves, realtor’s office and continue the current commercial electrical business. A list of unacceptable businesses have been provided. There was discussion from the residents present to limit the businesses that would be acceptable to conform with the current land use plan. The potential businesses that Mr. Wiedenbeck and family are proposing are acceptable however there are concerns with a new buyer. Residents requested to limit future uses of the property. Possibly limit the size of the building. Mrs. Wiendenbeck mentioned that the current business is commercial electrical contracting that requires a significant amount of equipment. There are trailers, bobcat and a van, they would like to have all of this equipment contained to buildings rather than sitting out. Wiedenbecks would like to maintain a neat appearance on the property.

      Chair Duffin opened the Plan Commission Meeting at 7:15 p.m.

      Motion made by Dave Hagemann and seconded by Sharon Christensen to recommend land division petition number 9672, parcel number 0509-061-8561-0 with an addition of a deed notice on lot 2 of no residential structure and contingent that lot 1 encompasses the current septic field maintaining a minimum two acre parcel. Motion carries.

      Motion made by Lloyd Klahn seconded by Dave Hagemann to recommend land rezone petition number 9679, parcel number 0509-094-9000-2 from LC-1 to C-1. Petitioner is Thomas Weidenbeck. Allowing retail/wholesale gun and distribution business, electrical wholesale contracting/services business, including wood working with no more than 40% of the rezoned parcel covered by buildings. This includes an office for the purpose of real estate business. Motion carries.

      Sharon Christensen made a motion to approve the minutes from the January 30, 2007 Plan Commission Meeting as submitted by Brian Duffin. Motion seconded by Lloyd Klahn. Motion carries.

      Motion made by Sharon Christensen and seconded by Lloyd Klahn to approve the minutes from the February 13, 2007 Plan Commission Meeting as submitted by the clerk, Denise Arnold. Motion carries.

      Chair Duffin requested if there were any public comments. Connie Dollard approached the commission on the potential of building a house on a non-conforming parcel. The clerk shared a letter that had been received 2-27-07 from Dane County Senior Planner Brian Standing. There are two parcels one is 1.15 acres which is where the existing dwelling is located. Ms. Dollard would like to build a new dwelling on the remaining 11.1 acre parcel. The Plan Commission struggled with evidence of proof that this is a buildable site. More research needs to be done to determine the feasibility.

      Motion made by Lloyd Klahn to adjourn the Plan Commission meeting at 9:00 p.m. seconded by Dave Hagemann. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted, 
Denise R. Arnold, Clerk

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