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Town of Oregon Plan Commission Meeting Minutes
Apr 24, 2007

Chairperson Darryl Weber called the Public Hearing to order at 6:35 p.m. with the following Plan Commission Members present, Brian Duffin, Lloyd Klahn, Andy Blomstrom, Paul Morrison, Sharon Christensen and Clerk, Denise Arnold. Absent: Dave Hagemann.

      The Public Hearing was held for land division and rezone petition number 9692 petitioner, Eliot D. Bergeland, property located on Bell Brook Road, nearest intersection is Hillcrest Road and Bell Brook Road. Mr. Bergeland shared that he owned 119 acres of

      A-1EX land and he would like to rezone 5 acres of the parcel for the purpose of building a new home. The remaining 114 acres would continue to be zoned A-1Ex. He would expand upon the existing driveway that currently services the barn and outbuildings. The driveway would be 700 feet or more. He was working with contractor Richard Alme and would provide the proper bump outs on the driveway for the passage of safety vehicles.

      Chair Weber closed the public hearing at 6:42 p.m.

      The Plan Commission Meeting was called to order by Chair Weber at 6:43 p.m. Motion was made by Klahn and seconded by Duffin to recommend Petition number 9692, property owned by Eliot D. Bergeland petitioner is the same. Approval for parcel #0509-342-8001-2 to be divided and rezoned into a 5 acre parcel for the purpose of building a home and a 114 acre parcel would remain A1-Ex. Appropriate driveway ordinance would be applied and an Impact fee of $600.00 would be required upon the signing of the CSM. Motion carries.

      Motion made by Klahn and seconded by Duffin to approve the minutes from the March 27, 2007 Plan Commission meeting with one correction. On the Vedvik Farm recommendation the driveway should read 72’ south for clarification purposes. Motion carries.

      Resident Chris Spink of 904 County Highway MM inquired about what he could do in regards to a building he would like to construct on his property. Dane County has informed Mr. Spink that he did not have 5 acres so he did not meet the requirements to construct an agricultural building. He would need to change his existing lot lines to encompass the building. The land adjoins three contiguous parcels that Mr. Spink owns. The lot line would need to be moved 50’ to accommodate Dane County regulations. The Plan Commission suggested that Mr. Spink request to be placed on the May meeting agenda to approve the change.

      Pat Rundy owns 65 acres in section 33 south of Bell Wood housing development off of Bell Brook Road with potential accessibility from Wilderness Way. Mr. Rundy was exploring the possibilities of development of this property. The Plan Commission shared that it would be advisable for the landowner to wait until the Comprehensive Land Use Plan was approved at the County level and the subdivision moratorium was lifted.

      The Clerk shared that Julie and Paul Hankes are having a difficult time at Dane County obtaining approval for their land division and rezone because of ground water recharge issues. The petitioner may have to come back to the Plan Commission for an additional letter of support.

      The Plan Commission members would like to change the work session to the second Tuesday of the month. The clerk will check with our MSA representative, Andrew Bremer to confirm that it is a compatible date and update the Plan Commission members via email. The tentative date is May 8, 7:00 p.m.

      Resident Mark Brylski shared a "Building Green Guide" by the UW Extension with the Plan Commission Members. The clerk will keep the copy at the Town Hall for residents and public officials to check out and view.

      Assessor/Plan Commission Member Andy Blomstrom requested the Plan Commission consider recommending a building permit requirement for agriculture buildings, silos and grain bins. This would aide the assessor in locating new buildings for assessment purposes.

      Sharon Christensen questioned the procedure for recommendations from the Plan Commission to Dane County. The petition in question was the Shillingstad property petition number 9672. The Town of Oregon Plan Commission and Town Board recommended and approved that a deed notice should be filed stating that lot 2 is not a buildable site. The petitioner had shared with two Plan Commission members, if the parcel was zoned A-3 the County would not place a deed notice on the property. Christensen questioned why this procedure would occur? Why would the Town’s recommendation not be applied? There was no clear answer.

      Chair Weber brought up the issue of the Plan Commission re-organization. At the April 3rd election Weber was voted in as Town Board Chairperson. Weber expressed a desire to maintain the position of Plan Commission Chairperson until the finalization of the Land Use Plan. A request for the Plan Commission members to think about future changes and appointments regarding the Plan Commission positions was made by Weber.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise R. Arnold

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