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Town of Oregon Plan Commission Meeting Minutes
Oct 31, 2006

Plan Commission Chairperson Darryl Weber called the Public Hearing to order at 6:35. Plan Commission members present: Darryl Weber, Andy Blomstrom, Paul Morrison, Lloyd Klahn, Dave Hagemann, Brian Duffin, Sharon Christensen and Clerk Denise Arnold. There were twelve residents in attendance.

A Farm Plan Review was discussed for Dan Marshall regarding section 35; parcels number 0509-351-8000-2, 0509-351-9000-0 & 0509-351-8500-7; zoned A1-Ex. The property is owned by Marshall Brothers, 296 Union Road, Brooklyn, WI 53521. Petitioner is Dan Marshall. His request is to create a farm residence in accordance with the Farm Plan Review. Location of the farm residence will be off of Union Road; nearest intersection is Bellbrook Road and Union Road. Mr. Marshall pursued the Farm Plan Review to expedite the process to allow for his dwelling construction to commence prior to winter weather conditions. Plan Commission members were concerned about creating a non-conforming lot. The driveway has been discussed and is in the approval process with Supervisor Wayne Ace. Marshall committed to obtaining a rezone after the first of the year. Attorney Mark Hazelbaker was in attendance at the meeting and suggested that a land split be charged against the farm toward the density of the 247 total acres. The driveway would require a bump-out for safe passage of emergency vehicles. Chair Weber closed the public hearing at 7:55.

Plan Commission Chairperson Weber called the Plan Commission Meeting to order at 7:55. Motion made by Hagemann and seconded by Klahn to recommend the Farm Plan Review for Dan Marshall with plans to rezone to the appropriate zoning and a split would be charged to Marshall Bros. Motion carries.

Motion made by Duffin seconded by Christensen to approve the September 26, 2006 Plan Commission meeting minutes as printed. Motion carried.

Chair Weber inquired if there were any public comments. Julie Hankes of 5566 Bellbrook Road, Brooklyn inquired about her property and additional acreage. Hankes has a joint property owned with her spouse Paul of 4 acres with their current dwelling zoned RH2. There is a second parcel of 16 acres zoned RH-4 in Paul’s name that they would like to build a new home on for the purpose of accommodating her handicapped Mother. A driveway variance with agreements including the adjoining residences would be needed for the joint driveway. This would include snowplowing, driveway repair and maintenance there would be a C.S.M. required. A submittal would need to be filed with the Town of Oregon. The Plan Commission members stated that the resident would probably be able to accomplish this.

Attorney Mark Hazelbaker, and Dan Paulson were representing Dan Levine for the approval of the final plat for the developer’s agreement and declaration of conditions, covenants and restrictions for Hampton Valley. The plat allows for 4 lots of high quality residences and no negative effects on the area. This sub-division is zoned R-1 there are deed restrictions and a deed notice that all splits are exhausted. All driveways considerations are in place and a voluntary donation of park fees of $1,000.00 for each of the four lots. The lots have been made considerably smaller than the original plat making more meadow and natural area. Motion made by Klahn and seconded by Weber to recommend the Hampton Valley Developer’s Agreement and Final Plat for approval of the Town Board. Motion carried.

Sheldon Tachon of 6157 Sun Valley Parkway requested a second driveway at the site of his dwelling. The Plan Commission members recommended that the new proposed driveway location/layout was more suitable than the current driveway. The new plan is safer driveway. All Plan Commission members agreed that the existing driveway would need to be abandoned and firm on the decision to have only one driveway. Mr. Tachon stated that he would like to sell the property and the alternative driveway might be necessary to accomplish that. Motion made by Klahn and seconded by Blomstrom to recommend the new driveway site and destroy the old driveway should the resident at 6157 Sun Valley Parkway desire. Motion carries.

Discussion/presentation from the Oak Hall Residents against the location of the potential ATC 69kV line in the Town of Oregon by John Brown. The residents represented are concerned about their tree lines, property values and health concerns. A possible solution is to run the line thru the fence line. The residents requested that the Plan Commission write a letter to recommend a route change behind the residences instead of in front of the dwellings. The Plan Commission was not comfortable with supporting this plan without representation from all of the residents affected in that area. Chair Weber would relay the information shared at the meeting with the Town Board Supervisors.

Motion was made by Weber and seconded by Klahn to adjourn the October 31, 2006 Plan Commission Meeting. Motion carries.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold

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