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Town of Oregon Plan Commission Meeting Minutes
Jun 27, 2006

Present: Andy Blomstrom, Darryl Weber, Brian Duffin, Lloyd Klahn and Clerk, Denise Arnold. Absent: Sharon Christensen, Paul Morrison and Dave Hagemann. 18 Guests present

Chairperson Darryl Weber called the Public Hearing to order at 6:35 p.m. on Tuesday June 27, 2006.
1. Land Division and Rezone; Petition number pending from Dane County; Section number 24; Parcel # 0509-352-9420-5 currently zoned RH-2 and RH-1. Property is owned by Mark Ditsch and Sheryll Dvorak. Petitioner is the same. Request to create three separate parcels. Property is located at 749 Hwy. MM, Oregon, WI 53575.

Mr. Ditsch shared with the Plan Commission that he would like to create Lot #1 a 2.1 acre parcel for the purpose to sell and potentially have a dwelling built. Lot #2 a 2.1 acre parcel would be for the purpose of building a home. Lot #3 is the 2.1 acre parcel that the original dwelling is on where the petitioner currently resides. The driveway for lot #3 has all ready been approved by Dane County to be moved to create a safer entry and exit from the residence. The driveway situation for the other two lots has not been worked out. There is a possibility that there will be a three way shared driveway or lots 2 & 3 will be shared and lot 1 have a separate driveway. Resident Bill Unger of 649 French Glen had questions regarding the 66’ driveway access right of way for the public highway. He also was concerned about the safety of the driveway coming out on French Glen with potential visibility problems due to trees. Resident Lloyd Berg residing at 4823 Oregon Trail inquired to the purpose of making new lots. He also wanted to know if this would change the land level for drainage issues. The petitioner explained the lots would be buildable sites and there are no plans to change the land level. Resident Bill Unger inquired as to who would be responsible for any road damage as French Glen has just been repaved. The Plan Commission stated that the property owner would be responsible for any damage to the roadway. Resident Brian Englehart of 650 French Glen had been contacted to possibly create a land exchange for the purpose of the petitioner to create a driveway. Mr. Englehart was unaware that new dwellings could be built on these additional lots and still needs to have more information about the driveway layout before agreeing to the land exchange. With no additional information or questions the public hearing was closed at 7:04 p.m.

      Chairperson Darryl Weber called the Plan Commission to order at 7:04 p.m. Chair Weber requested comments from the Commission members regarding the Ditsch/Dvorak parcel splits. Lloyd Klahn felt that all the requirements for the splits were met however he was not comfortable with the unresolved driveway situation. Klahn requested the driveway agreement be in place and the park fee paid. Andy Blomstrom would approve the petition with a pending driveway agreement. Brian Duffin felt the driveway issues would need to be resolved; all regulations would need to be met and an agreement in place. A motion was made by Blomstrom and seconded by Duffin to recommend approval to the Town Board of the Ditsch/Dvorak Petition pending a driveway agreement either with 3 joint driveways off of Hwy. MM or 2 joint driveways off of Hwy MM and one off of French Glen with approval of our driveway Supervisor and working out the agreement with the petitioners neighbor. Motion carried.

      Motion made by Duffin and seconded by Blomstrom to approve the reading of the minutes as read from the May 20, 2006 Plan Commission Meeting. Motion carried.

      Chair Weber inquired if anyone in the audience had any issues that are not listed on the agenda could be brought up at this time. Resident Connie Dollard of 5441 County Road A just past Glenway. Dollard inquired about the power lines that may be coming through the Town of Oregon and wanted to know what the town officials were doing about it. Chair Weber shared that a letter had been sent to the PSC and ATC suggesting a different route. Dollard also inquired about a dependent care situation. With the thirteen acres on her current parcel could an additional dwelling be built? The 13 acre parcel as it is zoned now will support only on residency. Parents that are in need may live with family in a mobile home or modular structure this would be acceptable if attached to the existing dwelling with a breezeway. In the event the situation was no longer needed the unit would need to be removed. Dependent care would need to be proven.

      Blomstrom requested that adding a requirement of building permits for agricultural use be added to July agenda.

      Brian Cook and Erin Dammen representing Alliant did a presentation regarding the offer to purchase land for a new substation. Ms. Dammen shared that an offer to purchase a five acre parcel of the Fred Clark family property has been accepted. Of the residents polled 47% suggested the Clark location as the best possible choice. The construction would start in 2008 and should be “in service” in 2009. The property is located off of CTH D; is zoned A-1 and will have a 400’ driveway. The utility does not require a commercial zoning, A-2 would be sufficient. The Plan Commission would like to have an August public hearing after the final landscaping and any other agreements have been worked out with the Clarks. A submittal would need to be on file at the Town Hall.

      The Plan Commission was requested to complete an informational document for the Dane County Emergency Operations Center Contact Information. Dane County has requested emergency information regarding the local officials that will assist in the event of an emergency. Pen Beasley has completed a NIMS training session. Supervisor Beasley and the clerk are beginning the process of updating our emergency management at the local level also.

      There was nothing new to report regarding the ATC transmission lines. Chair Weber encouraged the residents to attend the open houses that ATC has made available.

      Chair Weber reported that there were no new developments on the Comprehensive Plan. The clerk shared that another quarterly report for the grant is required and is being completed on schedule.

      Assessor Blomstrom reported an update on the revaluation process. The data has been transferred and land value comparisons are being completed. Blomstrom did think that they will be ready for the open book and board of review on schedule. Good progress is reportedly being made.

      Motion made by Klahn and seconded by Duffin to adjourn the Plan Commission Meeting at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise R. Arnold,

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