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Town of Oregon Plan Commission Meeting Minutes
Feb 28, 2006

Present: Darryl Weber, Brian Duffin, Sharon Christianson, Paul Morrison, Dave Hagemann and Clerk Denise Arnold. Absent: Lloyd Klahn and Andy Blomstrom.

Chairperson Darryl Weber called the Town of Oregon Public Hearing to order at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday February 28, 2006.


  1. Land Division; Section 14 Parcel#0509-143-8320-7 & 0509-143-9500-7 & 0509-144-9000-1; currently zoned A-1Ex. Property is owned by Douglas Nelson and Janice Kowalczyk. Petitioner is the same. Request to divide 70.93 acres (total of the three parcels of land) into one 35.33 acre parcel and one 35.6 acre parcel. Mr. Nelson would like to split the current three parcels into two parcels of land, one for himself and the other for his sister Janice Kowalczyk. No re-zone is necessary, simply going from three tax parcels to two tax parcels individually owned.
  2. Land Division and Zoning Amendment; Petition #9476; Section 22; parcel#0509-224-8500-1; currently zoned A-1Ex. Property is owned by Robert Nickells and Cassandra Schlamp. Petitioner is the same. Request to divide a 40 acre parcel into two 20 acre parcels and re-zone to RH-4 for the purpose of creating a residential parcel. Mr. Nickells shared that he would like to retain the existing homestead and build a home for himself on the other parcel. Nickells inquired with officials at Dane County and found the split acceptable and the driveway permit would not be necessary because the existing farm field driveway would be approved. A density study was not necessary. A resident attending the meeting was concerned about the number of land splits. The farm was originally 80 acres, then split to two 40 acre parcels and now one of the forty acre parcels would be split into two 20 acre parcels. Resident Keith Thornton was concerned because he would like to preserve agricultural land usage. Mr. Nickells assured the residents that his intentions were to create the most functional split to maintain the farm ground as it is now. He does not desire to disrupt the current usage. The issue was raised that Mr. Nickells had honorable intentions however the next land owner may not. Nickells plans to use very little of the acreage for his home and maintain the grass/hay crop currently harvested by a local farmer.
  3. Land Division and Zoning Amendment; Petition#9321; Section 6; Parcel #0509-064-9003-0 & 0509-064-8071-5 & 0509-064-9150-0 currently Zoned A-3. Property is owned by Christopher Brent. Petitioner is the same. Request to divide 35.2 acres (total acres of three parcels) into a 14 acre parcel and re-zone to RH-3 for the purpose of creating a residential parcel. This was to be the last land split allowable. The existing farm would remain the same and Mr. Brent has all ready built his own home. The driveway could be an issue due to the fact there are so many driveways on Sun Valley Parkway. This discussion concluded the public hearing.

Public hearing closed at 7:18.

At 7:20 Chairman Darryl Weber called the Plan Commission Meeting to order.

Motion was made by Sharon Christianson and seconded by Dave Hagemann to recommend the Land Division for Douglas Nelson and Janice Kowalczyk. Motion carried. Mr. Nelson shared that in the future he may want to rezone his property for the purpose of building his own home; this is all contingent on the current location of the substation and power lines proposed by Alliant and ATC.

Motion was made by Dave Hagemann and seconded by Sharon Christianson to recommend Petition#9476 by Rob Nickells and Cassandra Schlamp. Motion carried.

The Plan Commission thought it was best to table the Land Division and Zoning Amendment; Petition#9321 for Christopher Brent until the driveway issues could be worked out and research done to support that there was still another land split available.

Mr. Brent shared that there is a driveway easement recorded with Dane County and that should not be a problem, he also checked with Dane County regarding the number of acceptable land splits available. Motion was made by Brian Duffin and seconded by Dave Hagemann to recommend Petition#9321 on the pending condition that Mr. Brent provide documentation supporting the recorded driveway easement with Dane County and the available number of land splits. This information would need to be submitted to the clerk’s office no later than Monday March 6, 2006. Motion carried. Delaying the recommendation to the Town Board one month would force a two month delay with Dane County. Mr. Brent would also be responsible for contacting Supervisor Wayne Ace regarding driveway approval.

A motion was made by Paul Morrison and seconded by Brian Duffin to approve the January 31, 2006 Plan Commission Minutes as read. Motion carried.

Public comments were welcomed from any the residents in attendance. Ron Klein accompanied by his mother Linda Klein inquired how many land splits were available on their Town of Oregon land. The Klein Trust owns 194.6 acres off of Tony Lane. The Plan Commission advised that the property would allow for 5 land splits and the original homestead.

Sheldon Tachon inquired if a land split was feasible for the Jeannette Tachon property zoned RH-1. The 6.7 acre parcel is located on Sun Valley Parkway. The Plan Commission felt as though Dane County would not recognize that parcel as a potential land split for the purpose of building another house. The Plan Commission suggested Mr. Tachon check with Dane County to obtain the zoning year change.

There being no further business brought before the Plan Commission Darryl Weber made a motion and Dave Hagemann seconded the motion to adjourn at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise R. Arnold, Clerk

Denise R. Arnold
Town of Oregon, Clerk
1138 Union Road
Oregon, WI 53575
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