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Town Of Oregon Plan Commission Minutes
Sep 27, 2005

Present: Brian Duffin, Dave Hagemann, Darryl Weber, Lloyd Klahn, Andrew Blomstrom and Sharon Christianson
26 Guests present

Chairperson Darryl Weber called the Public Hearing to order at 6:35 P.M.
1. Land Division & Rezone Petition#9370, Section 22 currently zoned A-1 Ex., Rezone to RH-1 & RH-2 & A-1 Ex.
Owned by Lyle Nelson, Douglas Nelson and Janice Kowalczyk were discussed by the Plan Commission with questions and comments by 3 Town Residents.

Public Hearing closed at 7:00

The Plan Commission Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Weber at 7:00 P.M.
Lloyd Klahn moved to approve petition #9370. Motion seconded by Andy Blomstrom. Motion Carried. The rezone was not accepted by Dane County therefore the Plan Commission suggested that a re-submission be done excluding the right of way of the road.

A motion was made by Dave Hagemann to approve the minutes from the August 30th, 2005 Plan Commission Meeting. Motion seconded by Brian Duffin. Motion carried. Lloyd Klahn made the suggestion that minutes would contain more detail regarding any discussion with residents in reference to public comments. Example: Resident Steve Tachon reference in the August 30th 2005 meeting. The clerk favorably noted the suggestion.

Greg Shue representing Alliant Energy presented information explaining why the alternate site proposed by Alliant & American Transmission Company the prior month would not be an acceptable location for the Sun Valley Substation. The TORC site was suggested and Alliant did research the location. The TORC site proved to be lacking in acreage, there was a resident willing to sell to obtain sufficient land. The process would disrupt the rustic look of the roads due to the trimming/removal of various trees lining Lincoln and Tipperary Roads. Mr. Shue presented an alternate search site #2 at the intersection of Sun Valley Parkway, Story Town Road and County Road D. The alternate search area #2 does not meet all of the electrical concerns. However, it may be a workable compromise if there is a willing landowner and considerable public support.

Alliant expressed that Fish Hatchery Road between CTH CC and Lincoln Road would still meet the most electrical needs for the community and customers for the longest period of time. The residents located in search site area #2 would be contacted and an informational public meeting would be held by Alliant. The Plan Commission requested that ATC and Alliant be present at the next meeting to explain any questions that arise.

Chairperson Weber thanked Mr. Shue for his informational presentation.

Mary Lynne Tachon inquired if the 11 acres she and husband Steven Tachon owned on Judd Road was a buildable single family dwelling site. The property is currently zoned A-1EX. The Commission suggested a density study at the County level be done on the property to determine the number of splits. The property was subject to the 1994 zoning rules to determine the possible land use. The parcel is wooded acreage. The potential buyer was present and inquired about land use in the future. The potential buyer of the property, Sherry Goplin inquired if a future date would be a more favorable time to petition for a rezone in the future. The Plan Commission suggested that future land use plans would possibly have the capability to accommodate the request to rezone RH-1.

Fred Clark approached the Plan Commission regarding the number of land splits on his Lincoln Road Farm. He would like to split some property for the use of his son to build a new dwelling. In 1994 Mr. Clark thought he had 79 to 80 acres of land. The Plan Commission advised Mr. Clark that a density study be done to determine the number of land splits available.

No additional information was presented to the Plan Commission. A motion to adjourn at 9:30 P.M. by Dave Hagemann and seconded by Brian Duffin. Motion Carried.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise R. Arnold, Clerk

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