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Town Of Oregon Plan Commission Minutes
Dec 27, 2005

Present: Lloyd Klahn, Andy Blomstrom, Dave Hagemann, Darryl Weber, Brian Duffin, Sharon Christiansen, Denise Arnold.

Chairperson Darryl Weber called the Town of Oregon Public Hearing Meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.


  1. Zoning Amendment; petition number 9385 section 34 parcel number 0509-344-8700-0 and 0509-344-9000-9 currently zoned RH-1 and A-1 EX. Property is owned by Craig and Rachel Schley.  Petitioner is the same.  The Schley’s are requesting to relocate the building site.  Changing the building site would create set back issues with the driveway from Glenway.  The driveway would require bump-outs.  A resident expressed concern about the petitioner being able to have a clear view into her house and she didn’t want a specific oak tree on Glenway destroyed.  Mr. Schley assured the resident and the Plan Commission that he did not intend to remove any established trees.
  2. Doug Nelson has no change in property and no change in zoning at the Locust Grove location.  He owns the property and buildings with his sister.  The land is rented for Agriculture production.  Mr. Nelson is requesting a building variance of the lot line for the Quonset shed located on the property.  The steel Quonset shed is approximately 40’ long and 24’ wide.  Discussion included that the building not be added to or increase in size, maintain the building and be sure to keep the building with lot 1.  The property is 70 acres and the plan is to split it into two 35 acres lots and the Quonset shed would require a variance for the current proposed land split plan.  In the event that either lot is sold the Quonset shed would be removed.
  3. A Conditional Use Permit; CUP #1997; Section 24; Parcel #0509-242-8001-0 and Parcel #0509-242-8070-0 currently zoned A-2 and A-3 rezone A-2 CUP and A-3 CUP.  The property to owned by Charles Stearns.  Petitioner is Payne & Dolan.  The request is for a conditional use permit (CUP) to allow nonmetallic mineral extraction, i.e. limestone quarry.  Mr. Bill Buglass from Payne & Dolan introduced himself and other individuals involved in the request for the CUP. Mr. Charles Stearns the landowner, Pat Anderson representing the Anderson Trust property, Geologist Clint Weninger, Jeff Maxwell Company Master Blaster, Robert Nauta, Hydrologist from RSV Engineering.  Mr. Buglass shared maps displaying the location of the Stearns quarry.  Limited use in the next 10 to 12 years.  The Anderson Quarry will be projected to be depleted in 12 to 15 years.  The property would be leased from Charles Stearns.  The driveway to remove the product would be the same and they could provide the local area with limestone.  They would continue to work with the residents surrounding this area.  Some of the residents located in a subdivision south of the quarry currently use the property and have worn a path to the Town Park through the Stearn’s property.  Payne and Dolan would continue to allow the residents to pass through the area.  Mr. Clint Weninger shared information regarding the operations and reclamation plan for the quarry.  Weninger displayed and explained how the mineral extraction would occur.  Payne and Dolan would fence and create a small 5’ berm for erosion control as the growth would require.  The new site is 32 acres and 18 acres will be used for the quarry.  Limestone is approximately 55’ deep.  The reclamation plan would return the land to agricultural use, no drainage would be needed it would all be internal and replace all top soil and replant.  The high wall on the far west end of the quarry would be taken down. The plan is designed to be very consistent with the Anderson Quarry site plan.  The hours of operation are identical with the Anderson Quarry.
    Land Owner Doug Nelson, asked about the reclamation plan and the CUP being transferred to a new owner should the property be sold. Mr. Buglass informed all present that the conditions would follow the new property owner.  Financial assurance is also filed with the County to make sure that the reclamation plan is followed regardless of the owner.
    Resident John Robert - French Glen inquired about the fence.  Bill Buglass assured the residents that a fence would be maintained for a safe access.
    Rick Andersen, 4814 Oregon Trail - concerned about the berm north and south at the Reindahl pit.  The fence would have a 60’ to 70’ drop. Mr. Buglass said they would shape and slope to be a bowl on the Stearns side.  Payne and Dolan would not be responsible for the Reindahl portion.  The Reindahl pit did not require a reclamation agreement.  Mr. Anderson stated that he was in support of the pit.
    Deb McKenna lot 7 lives next to the lot line said the fence is fine however the north/south lot line lacks fencing.  Buglass assured that it will be safely fenced.
    Gail Sieren, 688 Union Road – wanted to know the future effects the pit would have on the ground water supply and quality.  Is it in the water recharge area?
    Bob Nauta, Hydrologist reported that he studied the ground water, approximately 100 well water logs.  The recharge would probably be enhanced rather than diminish the quality.  There are not sources of contaminates.  The project meets or exceeds the State of Wisconsin requirements.  Nitrates should not be an issue.
    There will be no fuel stored on site for safety reasons.  Payne and Dolan plans on cleaning up the wall.  Mr. Buglass read through the CUP for the purpose of clarifying any questions the Plan Commission or residents may have.
    The blasting performed for the site is at 40% of the state limits.  Each hole is like a domino, firing off 8 milliseconds apart to decrease the impact the blast.  Bill Buglass did offer the residents an opportunity to observe the blasting process.
    Public hearing closed at 7:50.

The Plan Commission Meeting was called to order at 7:55 by Chairperson Darryl Weber.

Weber suggested that Craig Schley, petition #9385, contact Wayne Ace regarding a driveway permit.  Motion made by Lloyd Klahn and seconded by Andy Blomstrom to approve the land rezone petition number 9385 for the purpose of Craig and Rachel Schley to relocate the dwelling building site.  The driveway must have the required bump outs.  Motion carried.

Motion made by Lloyd Klahn and seconded by Darryl Weber to approve the building variance for Doug Nelson with the condition that the Quonset shed on the property of lot 1 would be removed at the time of the sale of either property as a deed restriction.  Motion carried.

The Plan Commission further discussed the CUP #1997 for Payne and Dolan.  The bond for $20,000. would need to be maintained along with ten million dollars of liability coverage same as the Anderson Quarry.  There would not be an increase of traffic rather more years of usage.  There will be no underwater mining.

Motion made by Dave Hagemann and seconded by Lloyd Klahn to approve the Conditional Use Permit number 1997 for the Charles Stearns property with the petitioner being Payne & Dolan, with the amendment to item #23 to include fencing the joint property line Rheindal/Stearns property within six months of initiation of excavating and add item #26 for providing a path to the park maintaining a safe passage from the Jefferson Village subdivision to the Town Park.  The six Dane County CUP standards (10.255) sub.2 paragraph H; 1-6 must be met also. Motion carried.

Motion made by Brian Duffin and seconded by Dave Hagemann to approve the minutes from the November 27th, 2005 Plan Commission Meeting.

Resident Ken Parsons shared an article regarding smart growth with the Plan Commission stating that it takes the decision making power away from the leaders of the Town of Oregon.

Chairperson Weber reported that the Comprehensive Plan is progressing well. The next Plan Commission work session will be held January 9, 2006.

Motion made by Lloyd Klahn and seconded by Dave Hagemann to adjourn the Plan Commission meeting at 9:15. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,
Denise Arnold, Clerk

Denise R. Arnold
Town of Oregon, Clerk
1138 Union Road
Oregon, WI 53575
Phone 608-835-3200 Fax 608-835-2235

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