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Plan Commission Minutes
Jan 15, 2019
PDF Version: 56920_2019-Jan-15_Plan Commission Minutes.pdf

 1. Call Plan Commission meeting to order.

Chairman Duffin called the Plan Commission meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.  
2. Roll Call.
Present:  Sharon Christensen, Arlan Kay, Supervisor Arlen Christensen, Dave Hagemann, Plan Commission Chairperson Brian Duffin, Andy Blomstrom and Tim Yanacheck.
Also Present: Town Chairperson Wayne Ace and Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Jennifer Hanson.
3. Approval of minutes.
A. Christensen moved, seconded by Yanacheck to approve the Plan Commission meeting minutes from November 27, 2018.  Motion carried 7-0.
4. Public Comments.
a. Brandon Leverenz, 5610 Alpine Rd., re: apple orchard/corn maze
Brandon Leverenz appeared to discuss his apple orchard business at 5610 Alpine Road.  The public can pick apples/pumpkins, corn maze, pet goats and birds.  Mr. Leverenz was contacted by Pat Klinkner, Dane County Zoning Inspector, regarding the zoning of the property.  Mr. Klinkner recommended rezoning the front eight (8) acre parcel to A-2(8) which would allow for the corn maze/parking lot and a conditional use permit (CUP) on both parcels for more than ten (10) days of agricultural entertainment.  The front parcel is owned by Mr. Leverenz’s mother and the back parcel is owned by his father.  Both parents were in attendance.  The parcels will become rural mixed use (RM) under the new county zoning ordinance.  There was discussion regarding the need for adequate parking, location of future buildings and possibility of sanitary fixtures for a kitchen.  Duffin said there will be conditions placed upon the business; such as, hours of operation, lighting to be pointed downward, no fireworks and signage.  Mr. Leverenz will need to apply for the rezoning and CUP with both the county and town.
Cory Secher, 1046 Tipperary Road, appeared to discuss using a 20X40 solar powered building and 30X70 hoop house for company outings, family functions and weddings.  Mr. Secher was concerned about having a liquor license for these events.  There was discussion regarding the use being either commercial or farm/agricultural entertainment. Pam Andros, Senior Planner at Dane County Zoning, said that Roger Lane, the Zoning Administrator, will make the determination on the zoning district required.  Currently state laws allow wedding/party barns to operate without a liquor license if the rental party is giving the alcohol to their guests, not selling it.  Mr. Secher plans to rent the buildings and then allow for recreation to hike the trails or take pictures.  The driveway off Tipperary Road will be used to access the buildings.  Duffin suggested talking with Roger Lane as the town will follow his recommendation for zoning.  
5. Discussion and possible Recommendation to the Town Board re: Cost for updating the Town of Oregon Comprehensive Plan
Duffin invited Pam Andros to discuss updating the town’s land use plan.  He explained that the plan commission has reviewed the current land use plan page by page and created a list of updates.  The town would also like to add the following components; transfer of development rights (TDR) using the same approach at the Town of Rutland, Chapter 75.19(6) Dane County Land/Subdivision Ordinance Provisions on Road Frontage to allow one sixty-six (66’) foot easement for access up to four (4) lots and update the land use map to include commercial zoning and rural preservation II.
There was discussion regarding not allowing accessory dwelling units (ADUs) because the town doesn’t allow duplexes and the alternative could be to add onto the existing house. Andros explained that the town should have a policy under housing or land use that states the town doesn’t allow ADUs so a CUP request can be denied because it is not consistent with plan policy.     
Andros clarified that the town is not looking to redo the whole land use plan, but focus on updating background data, work on land use elements and update the maps.  Andros said the most critical parts of the plan are what’s your future land use designated on a map, what are those districts and what are the policies for those districts.  The town’s current land use plan is thick and can be consolidated.  Andros explained that the plan should include the future land use map, existing land use map and the policies related to that, each district by district, layout density policy of one per thirty-five, include a section laying out TDR policy which are the key items.  The county is familiar with this writing these policies.  
Andros and Standing strongly recommend the town have a community survey since the plan was last updated in 2007.  The town may not learn anything new and different, instead towns usually learn that the current policies are still what people support and value.  Andros said it is good to have this input because it is part of public participation and public information.  Then when the town puts these policies on the map, they are confident it reflects what the residents support.  If there is ever concern over how these policies were decided, the survey can be used to indicate how that input was gathered.  
Andros said the county uses survey monkey for the community survey.  The county will mail a postcard to the residents with the website address to the survey.  If the resident doesn’t want to use a computer, then a hard copy survey will be mailed.  The identity of the person is not collected.  Andros has a template of questions that can be customized by the town.  The town will review the questions to fit their needs.  The results may draw public participation as they are curious to see the results of the survey.  The other interesting information is the updated statistical information such as demographics, things that have changed over time since the last plan update like housing starts, population change, age cohorts, value of housing.
Duffin clarified that the town should hold a public hearing after the rewrite is completed to allow an opportunity for public input.  After the public hearing, the plan would be finalized by the plan commission and go onto the town board for approval.  Andros said the public hearing should be a stand alone meeting and not in conjunction with another board meeting.  After the plan is approved by the town board, the plan will move onto Dane County for approval.  The plan will be included into the Dane County Preservation Plan and Dane County Comprehensive Plan.  The county will recertify annually with the state to comply with farmland preservation. 
There was discussion about the timeline to complete the land use plan update.  Andros thought it could start around March and completed in September.  Duffin said the town is ready to start the update when Brian Standing returns from vacation.  The cost to complete the survey would be estimated to cost around $1,700. 
There was discussion regarding having a survey as suggested by the county.  Yanacheck feels the survey would be beneficial because it allows participation from residents.  The plan commission will meet on Tuesday, February 12th at 6:30 p.m. to review examples of survey questions.          
6. Communications.
The office received a complaint received about the conditions of the property at 5570 Bell Brook Rd.
7. Adjournment.
S. Christensen moved, seconded by Yanacheck to adjourn the Plan Commission Meeting at 8:45 p.m. on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.  Motion carried 7-0.

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