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 Bicentennial Park
845 Highway MM
A conservation park of 20 acres


Raven Oaks Park
6238 Ahwahnee Court
A natural wooded park of 5.58 acres
with playground equipment.




 Hillcrest Park
873 and 876 Della Road
A greenway park of 1.7 acres
with playground equipment.

Town Park
901 Glenway Road
A walking park of 24 acres
with playground equipment
Kennedy Park
4779 Kennedy Park Road
An open space park of 7.9 acres
with playground equipment.

Walk-In Path
Located at the end of Sheil Drive in
the Hilcrest subdivision.  
During the winter months,the entrance
off of Glenway Rd. is closed to
vehicular traffic.


Dane County Park - Anderson Farm County Park 

914 Union Road 

For more information on helping, please see the Friends of Anderson Park.

Park Hours

Park hours are Sunrise to Sunset.

The Town Constable and the Dane County Sheriff department
patrol the town parks on an impromptu basis

Prohibited Park Activities

In addition to illegal activities, the following activities shall be prohibited within the boundaries of any town park unless the appropriate permit is obtained:

  1. Building of fires other than in fire pits or grills;
  2. Possession or discharging of any firearm or weapon of any kind;
  3. Possession, using or dispensing of a controlled substance in violation of the Uniform Controlled Substance Act;
  4. Hunting, trapping, or disturbing birds or wildlife;
  5. Throwing stones or missiles;
  6. Digging or removal of any turf, trees, shrubs, flowers or protected wildlife;
  7. Defacing, destroying or vandalizing any structure, sign or equipment other than an "official traffic control device" as defined in Section 340.01 (38) of the Wisconsin Statutes (1979-1980);
  8. Operating or parking a motor vehicle in a park during closed hours;
  9. Littering in a park;
  10. Disposing of trash not relating to park usage;
  11. Possession or drinking of alcoholic beverages without a permit;
  12. Being abusive, boisterous or disorderly;
  13. Leading or riding horses in unauthorized parks or areas of parks;
  14. Removing any object of archaeological interest including any manmade article or implement originating from earlier cultures, all without the prior written consent of the Oregon Town Board.

2006 Park Clean-up
Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2006 park clean-up.