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Park Committee Minutes
May 08, 2017
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Monday, May 8, 2017 @ 6:45 pm


Present:  Steve Root, Robert Johnson, Al Miller, Linda Jackson and Jeff Nelson


The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as written.


The new Eagle Scout sign will be installed at the Town Hall.  The Town Board would also like a sign that faces the parking lot.  Steve asked for Bob to find a vertical sign that could be mounted onto the post that faces the Town Hall parking lot.  The sign would be noticeable by residents walking into the Town Hall.


Steve asked Arlan Kay to design a sign at the west end of the Town Park that would be sensitive to the neighbors. 


The Town Board approved a proposal for $3,200 from Arbor Systems to remove dead trees that are threatening the trails at the Town Park.  The proposal also includes the pruning of the small trees.  Arbor Systems will contact the town when the work will occur.  The hardwoods cannot be done until fall.  Arbor Systems will submit another proposal in the fall for the hardwoods and cleaning of the woods.   In the future Town Board Chairman Wayne Ace is requesting two bids for all projects over $1,000.


Steve read an email regarding an incident at the Town Park where kids felt unsafe.  The new constable’s telephone number was wrong on the town website, but has been corrected.  There was no communication from other sources.


Steve is meeting with the new constable Kurt Maher and Chairman Ace to discuss the constable duties.  Jeff said there has been increased activity at the Town Park after dark.


Jeff and Linda will walk the Town Park for a location of the monarch butterfly garden.  Linda suggested the possibility of an Eagle Scout or 4-H group project.  There should be a proposal for the cost of the project.  Steve discussed additional trails at the Town Park.  Linda asked about the possibility of butterfly gardens in all the town parks.       


The park committee members each have a town park to visit periodically to address any concerns.  Al Miller has Kennedy Park, Jeff has Town Park, Bob has Bicentennial Park, Steve has Raven Oaks Park, and Linda has Della Road Park


Steve would like to hire a part-time person to mow the parks.  Employment would be limited to an on-call basis.  Dane County is currently mowing Anderson Park, but Steve is suggesting that the town take over mowing the entrance area, parking lot, and field area.  The town would be reimbursed by Dane County for mowing.  The town does snow removal for the parking lot at Anderson Park and always paid promptly.  Steve suggested a pay of $12.00 an hour for mowing. 

The town board approved a trial basis of K-9 training at the town park.  Steve is waiting to be notified of the first training day.


Steve has talked with Dane County about the bike path proposal.  He is waiting to walk the site when a county representative is available.  The town may apply for a grant from Dane County for the bike path.  Steve will be out of town for the next Friends of Anderson Park Meeting.  Bob will attend the May 17th meeting in lieu of Steve.


Steve discussed increasing the pay for committee members which is currently $20 per meeting, but will not pursue now. 


The 8th graders from Oregon Middle School will be at Lerner Park planting prairie plants and pulling honeysuckle on Monday, May 15 starting at 8:00 a.m.


There was discussion on seal coating the trails at the town park.  Due to the degree of moisture on the trails they were unable to provide an acceptable seal coat result. 


The next park meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 12, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.      


Al moved to adjourn and Jeff seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,



Jennifer Hanson

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