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Park Committee Minutes
Jan 18, 2016
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Monday, January 18, 2016 @ 6:30pm


Present:  Steve Root, Robert Johnson, Josh Nordstrom, Al Miller

Absent:  Jeff Nelson

Also Present:  Town Chairman Wayne Ace and Arlan Kay


The meeting was called to order.


The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as written.


Justin Hineline from Troop 168 made an Eagle Scout presentation for a prairie burn and restoration at Bi-Centennial Park.  He would work in conjunction with the Oregon Fire Department and remove the sumac in the park.  The work would be completed in April or May of this year.  Al said that the Oregon Rotary annually burns Lerner Park in the Village of Oregon.  The Oregon Rotary has the equipment to burn and would be willing to help him.  Al and Justin will be in contact. 


Arlan Kay presented a design of the new walk-in entrance to the Town Park.  There was discussion about construction of the entrance using a combination of Eagle Scouts and town staff.  Steve asked the park committee members to consider a bike trail to Anderson Park.  Steve will talk with the Friends of Anderson Park regarding the bike trail. 


Steve will talk with the property owner of Madsen park and report back next month.


The Kennedy Park surveying was completed by Moore Surveying for $425.00.  The labor was reduced because of the updated equipment used for surveying.


Steve continues to recommend that a dog park be high on the priority list for Anderson Farm Park.  The dog park should be available in 2018.


Amy Miller from the Oregon School District contacted Steve about funds available to create a disc golf course at the Town Park.  The school district is interested in disc golf course as part of phy ed class.  The school has $18,000 to fund the project.  It could be a money maker if the town can charge a fee to play.  There is room at the Town Park for an 18-hole course with most fairways in the woods.  The course will require additional maintenance at the park.  Steve would like minimal outlay from the park funds.  Steve meet with Amy Miller and Andy Weiland from the Oregon School district.  They indicated that there was not available space in the Village of Oregon for a course.  There will be a presentation at the February 2016 park committee meeting.


The next park committee meeting will be on Monday, February 22 at 6:30 p.m.


Josh moved to adjourn and Al seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,



Jennifer Hanson


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