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Park Committee Minutes
Jun 22, 2015
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Tuesday, June 22, 2015 @ 6:35pm


Present:  Steve Root, Robert Johnson and Jeff Nelson

Absent:  Al Miller and Josh Nordstrom


The meeting was called to order.


The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as written. 


The town board instructed Steve to not get an appraisal for the Madsen Park property purchase, but to save the money and negotiate directly with the homeowner.  Steve will coordinate a meeting with the landowner.


Steve reported that Abel and Ryan removed the downed oak tree at the Raven Oaks Parks to open up the trail.


Steve will get quotes from other surveyors for Kennedy Park if Grenlie does not complete the survey by the end of June.


The trails at Bicentennial Park have been mowed as far as the public works crew could get with the mower.  The Jeremy Bono Eagle Scout project has been completed and looks fantastic.  Jeremy will present the final report at the July or August meeting.


The Town Park needs trash receptacles similar to the ones at the Bicentennial Park.  Steve will add this to the list of Eagle Scout project.  Steve is going to get multiple bids for the road work to present at the next meeting.  The work would be completed this fall.


Steve discussed purchasing a brush cutter to help clear trails.  Steve would like to get the trails mowed as soon as possible.


Bob got two quotes for the Town Park sign from Lundgren’s Sign Service and Signs By Tomorrow.  There was about a $40 difference in price.  Bob was impressed by the service provided at Signs By Tomorrow.  The Town Park sign will be foam and make all the town parks signs consistent.  Steve moved to recommend approval of $893.20 for a Town Park sign and Bob seconded.  Motion carried.  There was discussion about having the ordinance printed on the dogs on leash signs.  Steve suggested having the ordinance printed on the sign.  Jeff moved to recommend approval for the purchase of 12 dogs on leash signs and Steve seconded.  Motion carried.  Steve will bring motions to the town board.  Bob will contact Signs By Tomorrow to purchase touch up paint.   


The next meeting will be on August 3, 2015 at 6:30pm. 


Jeff moved to adjourn and Bob seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,



Jennifer Hanson

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