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Park Committee Minutes
Jun 01, 2015
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Tuesday, June 1, 2015 @ 6:32pm


Present:  Steve Root, Al Miller, Jeff Nelson, Josh Nordstom

Absent:  Bob Johnson


The meeting was called to order.


The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as read.


Dave Frankson, 875 Hillcrest Lane, presented a plan for Town of Oregon Park Pedestrian Entrance Improvements.  Dave is asking for the park committee to fund improvements to the pedestrian entrance at the Town Park to encourage walking and bicycling to the park.  Dave said it is important to encourage use of the park because additional people would decrease vandalism and bad behavior at the park.  Dave provided pictures of signs used by other communities.  Additional signage could also be placed on various town roads to notify residents in the surrounding subdivisions of the Pedestrian/Bike entrance.  Dave is also suggesting the town designate a town bike trail, using Locust Grove Rd. as a safer alternative to Lincoln Rd. or County Road A.  The last suggestion is to have additional paving of trails.  The plan commission discussed the design of the signage.  Steve Root will talk with the public works employees about how any signage will affect snowplowing.  The committee was appreciative of Dave’s presentation. 


Steve toured all of the town parks and reported on the work that needs to be done.


The Raven Oaks Park trails need cutting.  There is also a large oak tree that fell onto the trail that the public works employees need to remove.  The picnic table needs to be replaced because it is old and not ADA accessible. 


Kennedy Park looks good.  The surveyor called Steve and asked for patience as they deal with health issues.  The neighbor’s shed has been removed off of park property.  As soon as the survey is completed, Steve will contact the public work employees for cleanup of the area.  The rope pullers have planted 7 arborvitaes, cleaned up their area and painted equipment.  Holes have been dug for securing their equipment.


The Bicentennial Park trails need to be cut.  Troop 50 has made a replacement bench and also added an additional bench with a plaque honoring Mr. Wohlin.  Eagle Scout Jeremy Bono is scheduling installation of the shelter for this weekend.  Steve is going to be suggesting placing two garbage receptacles like the ones at Bicentennial in the Town Park.


Bob was absent so the final estimates for the sign at the town park and additional signage for dogs on leash will wait until next month.  Steve suggested that the dogs on leash signs be place: 3 at Raven Oaks, 3 at Town Park, 2 at Kennedy Park and 3 at Bicentennial Park. 


The town board members received a letter from a resident complaining about dogs off leash at the Town Park.  Steve meet with the resident and explained that additional signage will be installed.  Dane County has issued citations.  Steve is pursuing an off leash dog park with the county at the Anderson Park for 2017.  The county has budgeted the money for fencing, but the land is under contract through 2016.


Steve is receiving estimates for road work at the Town Park.  The town park road doesn’t need seal coating, but crack sealing.


The Hillcrest Park neighborhood is working on a quote for a half-court basketball court.  There are a few areas in the park that need reseeding.  A neighbor donated a bike rack to the park, but it doesn’t need to be cemented into the ground. 


Madsen Circle Park has not yet been appraised.  There are three types of appraisals:  a form appraisal is the usual appraisal for a cost of $300-500, a one party narrative for only the buyer costs $1,500 and a two party narrative for both buyer and seller costs $2,500.  The property has to be appraised at the highest use value possible.  Josh suggested getting a one part narrative.  Al moved to recommend approval of $1,500 for a one-party narrative appraisal for the property on Madsen Circle and Jeff seconded.  Motion carried.


Steve asked Josh about purchasing a brush cutter for the town parks.  Josh said a brush cutter would eventually be needed as he has to be very careful when mowing.  Steve will look into the cost of a brush cutter and discuss with the public works employees.  There was discussion about the noxious weeds at the town parks.    


Al asked about putting pea gravel around the playground equipment at the Town Park.  There are also several large boulders under the swings that need to be removed.  The microphone is still full of bees.


The next meeting will be Monday, June 29, 2015 at 6:30pm.


Al moved to adjourn and Josh seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,



Jennifer Hanson

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