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Park Committee Minutes
Aug 03, 2015
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Tuesday, August 3, 2015 @ 6:35pm


Present:  Steve Root, Robert Johnson, Josh Nordstrom and Jeff Nelson

Absent:  Al Miller

Also Present:  Jeremy Bonno, Malia Bonno, Scott Meier, Brian Duffin, Wayne Ace and Phil Van Kampen


The meeting was called to order.


The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as written.


Jeremy Bonno presented his finished Eagle Scout project.  The final cost of constructing a gazebo at the Bi-Centennial Park was $2,728.26.  $53.91 still needs to be reimbursed to Malia Bonno.  He had estimated a total cost of $3,000 and was able to complete the project under budget.  It took a little longer to construct than expected.  He had a difficult time getting volunteers to help.  The gazebo was constructed off site and reconstructed at the park.  Bob has already seen several people enjoying the picnic table.  Jeremy said the cedar wood will need to be stained and the sign references a grill or fire pit which could be installed with future Eagle Scout projects.  Steve asked Jeremy to provide a copy of the gazebo plans to him. 


Ryan Wood with Troop 168 appeared to ask for approval to complete an Eagle Scout Project at the Bi-Centennial Park for trail restoration.  He plans to begin August 10th and complete by August 14th.  The materials needed include timber, new signs, mulch, food and first aid kit for workers.  The total cost should be around $600.  Steve said that the town can provide the mulch.  Steve moved to recommend approval of $600 to the Eagle Scout Project for trail restoration at Bi-Centennial Park and Josh seconded.  Motion carried.  Steve will get final approval from the town board.  There was discussion about the width of the trail to allow for mowing.


Phil Van Kampen appeared to discuss the Hermsen property at 5375 Netherwood Rd.  Pat Hermsen would like a conservation easement on his property by donating the land to either the Town of Oregon or the Village of Oregon.  The land could be used for passive recreational use only.  The two existing homes along with 2 to 3 acres will not be part of the donation.  Pat is working with National Heritage Land Trust to help him through this process and they will oversee that the owner’s requests are enforced into the future.  Phil has meet with both the Village of Oregon and the Oregon Town Board to discuss the donation.  There is approximately 70 acres of property.  Steve is concerned that the current town park budget could not afford the maintenance of this large property.  There was discussion about the ongoing maintenance required.  Phil feels that because of the property’s close proximity to the village, the town will end up maintaining a park that is used primarily by village residents.  The National Heritage Land Trust wants the town and village to pass a resolution that they support the conservation easement.  The park committee agreed that the land is too large for the town to accept the responsibility, but supports a conservation easement.


All parks are in need trail maintenance work.  Steve has asked the road crew to look into a piece of equipment to help them maintain the trails.  The road crew will obtain two bids for a swing arm that attaches to the bobcat.  The equipment could be used in other areas of the town.  The cost is $7,800.  Ryan and Abel will attend a demo of the equipment on Tuesday, August 9th at Carter Gruenewald.  The park committee will discuss next month.  


Steve has received two bids for crack seal and seal coating of the Town Park Road, parking lot and hard surface trail.  The bids are from Bartlett and Fahrner.  The bids are very similar.  Steve will present both bids to the town board for final approval.  The park budget would cover the cost of the parking lot and hard surface trail.  The town budget would cover the cost of the Town Park Road.  There was discussion over the exact quotes and materials to be used.  Jeff moved to recommend presenting the two bids to the Town Board for final approval and Bob seconded.  Motion carried. 


The picnic table at the Town Park was vandalized with serious burn marks.  The area will be closely monitored and the picnic tables will be removed for the winter soon.


The Town Board would like the park committee to negotiate a purchase price for the Madsen Park property in October.  Steve will determine a date and notify the group.


The Village bike trail has been completed and it is very nice.  A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held on Saturday, August 29th.


Steve is getting two estimates for property survey at Kennedy Park.


The town park signs have been approved by the town board.  The neighborhood park signs have been painted and the gazebo at the town hall will be stained in two weeks.   


The next park committee meeting will be held on September 14, 2015 at 6:30pm.   


Bob moved to adjourn and Josh seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,



Jennifer Hanson


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