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Park Committee Minutes
Jun 16, 2014
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Monday June 16, 2014 @ 6:30pm


Present:  Steve Root, Bob Johnson, Allen Miller & Jeff Nelson

Also Present:  Rob Lucas, Mike Lucas and George Johll

Absent:  Josh Nordstrum


The meeting was called to order.


The minutes from the previous meeting were tabled until after the Eagle Scout presentations.


Mike Lucas gave a presentation of his Eagle Scout project at Kennedy Park.  The Oregon Rope Pullers practice at Kennedy Park and therefore helped with the construction.  The project took three work days to complete.  The holes for the posts were dug by the town road crew prior to the first work day, so most of the stations were able to be put in place on the first day.  On the second work day, the metal top of the ladder and final posts were completed.  On the third day the trapeze rings were installed.  Mike said he completed most of the welding on his own with help from Abel and Ryan.  A total of ten exercise stations were constructed.  The posts for the stations are 3 to 4 feet down, secured with rebar and packed down tight with gravel.  The signs were made by Signs by Tomorrow and installed at the exercise stations.  The project took 243 volunteer hours.  Mike will attend the August town board meeting to give a presentation of his Eagle Scout project.  Mike used the CAD software at school to create the drawings of the exercise stations.  Mike really enjoyed his welding experience with Ryan and Abel.  He said they were very easy to work with and extremely helpful.  There has been positive feedback received from the neighbors and rope pullers on the exercise stations.


Eagle Scout candidate George Johll appeared because he would like to start an Eagle Scout Project at Bi-Centennial Park to restore trails.  He passed out a project sheet that estimates the cost.  The materials needed include landscape timbers, rebar, landscape fabric and woodchips.  He plans on doing about 300 feet of trail.  Steve is not sure the town will have woodchips available, so there could be a cost for the woodchips.  The town road crew would be willing to get the woodchips and dump them.  George is planning on having workdays at the end of July.  The town board will need to make the final approval at the July 1, 2014 town board meeting.  Steve explained that the town will reimburse costs based on receipts submitted to the town.  Al moved and Bob seconded approval of the Eagle Scout project at Bi-Centennial Park to restore trials.  Steve recommended an increase of cost estimate from $565 to $600 to cover the additional cost of woodchips.  Bob seconded.  Motion approved.  Steve will present the project at the town board meeting.  Steve instructed George to contact Abel about the woodchips.  If there are extra woodchips, George will lay them at the entrance to the park.


Al moved to approve park minutes from May 12, 2014 and Bob seconded.  Motion approved.  Steve moved to approve park minutes from April 21, 2014 and Bob seconded.  Motion approved.


Steve informed the board that the Eagle Scout Project at Kennedy Park turned out very well and was told it would have cost $8,000 to $10,000 if hired out. 


Jeremey Bono, an Eagle Scout candidate, was unable to attend tonight’s meeting.  Steve did have a meeting with Jeremy and his father to discuss the cost of construction of gazebo and picnic table at Bi-Centennial Park.  Jeremy recently moved troops and the project has been delayed.  Steve asked Jeremy to attend the July park committee meeting with final project costs and to get final board approval.  The park board made an initial approval of $1,500.

Steve and Jeff toured the Town Park with Mary Rothenmaier and Cheryl Housley from the DNR.  This was their first visit to the park as part of the Knowles Nelson Stewardship Grant.  The original project costs was $102,000 for phase 2 of town park development.  Phase 2 included putting in the road and parking lot.  The DNR gave the town an advance of $25,000.  The town can collect another $25,643.50 when the paperwork is submitted and costs are approved.  The grant paperwork is due by July 31, 2014.  The grant money will be placed into the park fund.  The grant covers a time period from February 24, 2004 to the present.  The original grant was through 2008, but the town asked for extensions because of the Eagle Scout projects committed to the Town Park.  The DNR will no longer accept any extensions.  Steve has contacted the parents of Eagle Scout projects to receive the necessary paperwork for the grant.  So far he has received two out of four projects.  Once he receives the rest of the paperwork, he can use the volunteer work hours towards the grant.  There were also trees donated to the Town Park and those costs can be used towards the grant.  Plus the cost of the park bench and the tree dedicated to Harold Bryne will be included.  Steve is working on collecting the documentation for those expenses and Denise is working with him to get the grant submitted.


Josh went to the Friends of Anderson Park and will report at the July meeting.  Steve will be able to attend the next Friends of Anderson Park meeting on June 18.  The meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month. 


Josh was hired to mow the town parks.  If the town road crew is too busy to mow the parks, then they will contact Josh.  Josh felt that the town mower could get through most of the trails.  The town can spray the trails, but they have to be very careful and will not let anyone use the trail until the product has dried.  The bike rack that was pulled out by vandals at the Town Park could be useful at the Hillcrest Park.  The committee agreed to install the bike rack at Hillcrest Park.


The committee discussed the possibility of putting trash barrels and dog waste bags at the town parks.  It is possible this could be part of an Eagle Scout project.  Steve asked each committee member to take a park and monitor the needs of that park.  The park assignments are: Jeff – Town Park, Steve – Raven Oaks, Josh – Hillcrest, Bob – Bi-Centennial, and Al – Kennedy Park.  The road crew is having a difficult time mowing around the oak trees, but pruning will not be able to occur until November 15 due to oak wilt.  The committee discussed having signs made for different plants at the town parks.  Steve discussed updating the town’s park comprehensive plan and would like the members to think about that when taking inventory of their assigned park.


The next meeting will be held on Monday, July 28, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.


Bob moved to adjourn and Al seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Hanson

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