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Park Committee Minutes
Jul 21, 2014
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Monday July 21, 2014 @ 6:30pm


Present:  Steve Root, Bob Johnson, Allen Miller & Jeff Nelson

Also Present:  Jeremey Bono and Scott Meyer

Absent:  Josh Nordstrum


The meeting was called to order.


The minutes from the previous meeting were tabled until after the Eagle Scout presentations.


Jeremey Bono, Eagle Scout candidate, and Steve Meyer gave a presentation of the lumber costs to build a gazebo at Bi-Centennial Park.  The treated lumber would be less expensive than cedar.  The cost is $1,200 for treated and $2,400 for cedar or a combination of the two materials could be used.  The price doesn’t include the cost of a picnic table.  The picnic table will be around $300 to build.  The gazebo will be 11’ by 11’ and inside will fit an 8 foot picnic table.  The board discussed the construction and materials used for the project.  The park board would like to use cedar for the gazebo.  The quote for materials is from Stoughton Lumber.  Since the project will not begin until September, Steve asked for Jeremy to get a final price quote using the cedar lumber to present at the August park board meeting.  The Town Board would give final board approval of the project on September 2nd.  The gravel should be organized through Abel Schultz at the town.  The location of the gazebo in the park still needs to be finalized.  


The next park committee meeting with be held on August 18th at 6:30 p.m.


Bob moved to approve park minutes from June 16, 2014 and Al seconded.  Motion approved. 


Steve was notified by Josh that a heavy construction vehicle drove onto the grass at Kennedy Park which caused deep ruts.  The property owners have been notified and will repair the damage. 


The rope pullers are thrilled with the exercise stations at Kennedy Park and have been using them.  The survey of the park lot lines has been completed.  The trees and brush will be cleaned by the road crew early this fall.


The town board approved George Johll’s Eagle Scout project for trail improvements at Bi-Centennial Park this fall.  The project will begin in September.  


Bob walked the trails at Bi-Centennial and prepared a report.  Bob reported that entrance and signs were really nice, but about 30 feet in there are lots of thorns growing onto the trails.  It looks like the walkers are trying to cut the thorns off.  The paths were mowed about three weeks ago.  There is an individual that walks the trails frequently and Steve gave him permission to cut the vegetation growing onto the trail.  Bob suggested installing signage as part of an Eagle Scout project for identifying trees and vegetation.


Jeff reported that thorns are also growing over the trails at the Town Park.  Also there were several broken beer bottles at the park, but Jeff cleaned them up.  A few small trees may need to be staked and one was cut off.  


Raven Oaks and Hillcrest Parks are fine, with some overgrowth.


There is a private park on Madsen Circle and the property owner notified the town that she plans to remove the old fashion park equipment.  Steve has meet with Phil Van Kampen and the Village of Oregon to discuss the possibility of purchasing the property for a connection to the bike path.  The property is assessed at $5,000 an acre and there is about 4 acres.  The neighbors are being asked if they are open to the idea.


Bob moved to adjourn and Al seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Hanson 

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