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Park Committee Minutes
Aug 18, 2014
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Monday August 18, 2014 @ 6:30pm


Present:  Steve Root, Bob Johnson, Allen Miller, Josh Nordstrum & Jeff Nelson

Also Present:  George Johll, Jeremey Bono and Scott Meyer


The meeting was called to order.


The minutes from the previous meeting were tabled until after the Eagle Scout presentations.


George Johll appeared to present his finished Eagle Scout project of restoring the walking trail at Bi-Centennial Park.  The project was completed under budget for a final cost of $557.  The overgrowth on the trail was removed, landscape fabric and timbers were installed, and the trail was covered with mulch.  A total of 69 work hours were spent on restoring 250 feet of trail.  Steve received the receipts and said a reimbursement check from the Town will be mailed.  George will present his project to the town board on September 2, 2014. 


Jeremy Bono appeared to ask for an increase in money to build a gazebo with overhang at the Bi-Centennial Park for his Eagle Scout Project.  The cost of construction materials is $2,583 from Stoughton Lumber.   However, this doesn’t include the cost of the picnic table frame which is $227 from Gerber Company.  Jeremy plans to ask the Oregon-Brooklyn VFW to donate the picnic table frame.  The town will provide the gravel and delivery should be coordinate with town employee Abel Schultz.  The town board needs to make final approval of the project at the town board meeting on September 2, 2014 before work dates can be set.  Jeff moved to approve up to $3,000 to build a gazebo at Bi-Centennial Park and Bob seconded.  Motion carried.


Steve notified Josh that all board members were assigned a park in the town and he was given Hillcrest Park.  The members were asked to periodically check their assigned park and report back findings to the committee.


Last month the committee discussed the possibility of the town purchasing the land where the private park is located on Madsen Circle.  Steve has instructed the neighborhood that if they are interested in creating a public park, then the neighborhood must form an association and present a proposal to the park committee for consideration.  The proposal must include what they want in the park, how they are going to maintain it, how they are going to watch it and what their needs are.  The park committee will not pursue a purchase until the neighborhood comes forward with a proposal.


Steve read an email from Dave Frankson about the trails at the Town Park.  Dave asked the park board to discuss the status of reapplying wood chips to the trails, status of mowing the trails one or two times a month during the summer and opportunities for scouts to complete the trails by installing landscape timbers on the sides of the remaining trails.  Josh suggested applying wood chips yearly to the trails, but not installing timbers because they can interfere with mowing of the trails.  Steve will follow up with Abel.


There has been complaints of owners not cleaning up after their dogs at the town parks.  There was discussion about installing dog waste bags or making it an Eagle Scout project. 


Jeremy Bono’s older brother is looking for an Eagle Scout project.  The committee discussed possible projects such as; labeling trees or installing dog waste bags at all the town parks.  Josh suggested a shelter at Hillcrest Park.  The neighborhood would like a significant sized shelter, possibly 20’ X 30’. 


Steve will not be able to attend the Friends of the Anderson Park meeting this week, but Bob will attend.


Al moved to approve park minutes from July 21, 2014 and Josh seconded.  Motion approved.


The next park committee meeting with be held on Monday, September 22nd at 6:30 p.m.


Bob moved to adjourn and Al seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Hanson

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