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Park Committee Minutes
Jan 28, 2013
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Monday January 28, 2013 @6:30pm


Present:  Janine Jensen, Mark Brylski, Steve Root, Bob Johnson

Also present:  Collin Schmidt


The meeting was called to order.


The minutes from the previous meeting were read and were approved as read.


Collin Schmidt presented his final Eagle Scout project presentation.  He had a Power Point presentation, which included photos of the work as it was being done and also a list of materials used.  His project was creating 325 feet of trail within the Ravenoaks Park.  The brush from the pathway was cut by John Beasley.  Pesticides were applied and then later timbers were used to line the trail and wood chips were installed to complete the trail.  The total cost of the project was just under $600 for timbers, spikes and tools.  Collin’s hope is that his project will lead other candidates to consider extending and constructing new trails in the park.  He also believes that the trails are a benefit to the neighbors around the park.  It allows them to stay closer to their homes and enjoy nature in their neighborhood. 


Steve has signed off on Tom Richards’ project and he plans on attending the March meeting to make his presentation.


Steve has met with Jerry Bollig to discuss the process required to apply for Dane County funds for land acquisition.  Steve also had the opportunity to talk to Phil Peterson about including a small piece of his land for the bike trail on the northern boundary of the Town of Oregon.  Mr. Peterson is not interested in selling his property or providing an easement.  Even though Mr. Peterson didn’t express any interest, Jerry Bollig recommended that the committee complete the application and see what happens.  The committee agreed.


Discussion turned to the potential creamery project.  Steve indicated to Phil Peterson that, at a minimum, the committee would be interested in providing signage for the site.  Steve also offered to contact Mr. Beers, a mason to get his assessment of the structure.  


Discussion next turned to the structure that has been built in the Town Park.  Steve asked Tom Richards if the structure was there while he was working on his Eagle Scout project and Tom indicated that it was under construction at the time.  Steve indicated that his preference was to keep it and perhaps talk to the history department at OHS to see if it has any educational value.


Mark informed the committee that this would be his last meeting, since he and his wife are moving to Madison.  The committee thanked him for all of his service.


The next meeting will be Monday, February 18, 2013 at 6:30pm.


Mark moved to adjourn and Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  


Respectfully submitted,


Janine Jensen

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