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Park Committee Minutes
Jun 18, 2012
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Monday June 18, 2012 @6:30pm


Present:  Janine Jensen, Mark Brylski, Steve Root, Bob Johnson, Raandi Schmidt

Also present:  Lucas Walowit, Eagle Scout candidate


The meeting was called to order.


The minutes from the previous meeting were read and were approved as read.


Lucas Walowit reported on his completed Eagle Scout project in the Hillcrest Park by distributing photos taken of the work.  Lucas reported that the neighbors volunteered their efforts for the second day of the project.  The first day involved the town crew in excavating the site.  The concrete bases for the equipment were set in place and a border was placed around the sand base.  The equipment has been installed and kids are already using the new equipment.  The project cost was $3162.29, which was well within the budget, and there were 81 volunteer hours of work.  The committee congratulated Lucas on a job well done.  He will try to attend the next Town Board meeting for his report, but if not able, will attempt to attend the August meeting.


Mike Debaker contacted Steve in early June with a project proposal for Ravenoaks Park.  Steve signed off on the proposal for new erosion bars in the trail system there.  The estimated cost will be approximately $1000.  Steve took it to the Town Board and they approved the project.  Mark Brylski moved to approve the expenditure of up to $1000 for erosion bars and Raandi Schmidt seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Mike plans on attending the next committee meeting scheduled for July 30th to make his presentation.  If he has any questions during July, Raandi has offered to be his contact. 


Steve reported that he has received a couple of calls concerning overgrown trails within the Town Park.  Steve explained that the Town Crew is down to one full-time employee, but things should improve since the Town has just hired a part-time employee to help with the parks this summer.  Mark also presented some photos that he had taken in the Town Park.  It seems that the bike rack has been dislodged from its security chain and it is believed to be somewhere within the woods.  It also looks like someone has been trying to dig up the table lock.  Steve will look into it and report it to the authorities if needed.  Steve also reported that in a storm late in May a couple of trees were knocked down, but they have been removed.


Bob will look into the possibility of the DNR reimbursing the Town for signs that were recently created. 


Steve contacted Bartlet Pavers to get a cost estimate of re-painting the parking lot in the Town Park.  The estimated is $200, so Bob moved to approve the expenditure and Mark seconded the motion.  It is possible that the parking lot will need to be re-sealed next spring.


Bob reported on his attendance at the Anderson park meeting.  It appears that the County is only interested in proceeding with an initial dog park and perhaps a ball diamond.  It was also conveyed that the scout presence within the park will be maintained. 


Janine reported that she had received a phone call from a representative from the Aids Ride.  They have an interest in using the Town Park as a water stop during the bike ride on August 5th from 8:30am to 11:30am.  The representative was informed that there are no facilities within the park.  Mark moved to approve the request and Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 


Steve reported that the young trees in Kennedy Park are indeed dead due to deer rubbings.  They will need to be removed to assist with mowing.  It is possible that they will be replaced in the future.  Also, the benches that the rope pullers have located in Kennedy Park for their use are not in as bad a shape as originally thought. 


The bird houses located near the Town Park will need to be moved into the right-of-way but this will not happen until the blue birds are gone, which will probably be early fall.  This needs to be done since the farmer is concerned that the bird houses may get knocked over during the fall harvest.


The next meeting will be Monday, July 30, 2012 at 6:30pm.


Raandi moved to adjourn and Mark seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  


Respectfully submitted,


Janine Jensen


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