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Park Committee Minutes
Nov 14, 2011
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Monday November 14, 2011 @6:30pm


Present:  Janine Jensen, Mark Brylski, Steve Root, Bob Johnson

Also present: Chris Johnson


The meeting was called to order.


The minutes from the previous meeting were read.  The minutes were amended to read that the Nikolas Tree Service work “would begin in November”.  Minutes were approved as amended. 


Two quotes were received from Nikolas Tree Service.  The quote for work in the Town Park came in at $4250 and the quote for the Bicentennial Park was for $4700.  These bids were presented to the Town Board, who approved the expenditures. 


Steve reported that the photos of the tree planting and placement of the Harold Byrne memorial bench have been posted on the Town’s website.  There was also a very nice article in the Oregon Observer. 


The Eagle Scout project creating a kiosk in the Bicentennial Park is nearly complete.  An enlarged map of the trails and the memorial plaque for Todd Anderson are left to be placed in the kiosk.  It is hoped that the Eagle Scout candidate will be making his presentation to the park committee at the December meeting.


Lucas Walowit, who is interested in a project in the neighborhood park off of Sheil Road, provided a preliminary proposal.  He has been told that he would not be able to begin purchasing anything until the proposal is complete.  He has talked with the neighbors about what they would like to see in the park, and the general consensus was to have equipment for younger age children than what is available in the Town Park.  The proposed installation would be scheduled for the spring.   One item that needs to be dealt with is the necessary excavation at the site.  Steve will ask the Town Board about helping with the excavation.   Lucas anticipates appearing before the committee at their December meeting with a proposal. 


Steve reported that he received a phone call from Jen Williams.  She inquired to see if the park policy would allow individuals to walk their horses up to the Town Park (but not ride them in the park).  Steve will ask her to attend the next meeting for a discussion on the topic. 


Bob requested that the Park committee get an accounting of the park funds from the Town Treasurer so that the committee would have an accurate idea of available funds.


The next meeting will be Monday, December 12, 2011 at 6:30 pm.


Mark moved to adjourn and Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried.   


Respectfully submitted,


Janine Jensen


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