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Apr 19, 2010


Monday April 19, 2010 @ 6:30PM

Present: Steve Root, Janine Jensen, Mark Brylski, Bob Johnson, Raandi Schmidt

The meeting was called to order by Steve Root.

The minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved.

The meeting began with the committee walking the Town Park, Della Street Park, and Kennedy Park. The committee reviewed each park to make an assessment of the work needed in each park on May 1st. The parks are relatively free of litter, but there is a need for weed control around all playground equipment. Members of the committee will use Round-Up on the weeds by the equipment. Bob offered to buy three gallons for the Town Park, Della Street and Kennedy. Raandi will purchase one gallon for use in Ravenoaks. There is also a large growth of garlic mustard in the Town Park. Steve will purchase garbage bags and the committee will have the cub scouts pull all weeds and place them in the bags for disposal.

There were no scouts who were available for an appearance before the committee, but Steve has contacted Troop 50 to inquire about the status of 2 possible Eagle Scout projects. One scout is interested in trail improvement within the Town Park. The scout will attend the next meeting to propose his project and provide a cost estimate. The other scout is interested in building something. A suggestion was made for kiosks for notices and maps of the trails within the Town Park and Bicentennial Park. Both of these projects would be for this upcoming summer.

Raandi has met with Troop 168. There are 3 scouts looking for possible projects. The committee needs to create a list of possible projects.

The DNR's application form for an extension through December 31, 2010 has been completed. Hopefully the committee will hear about the approval by late in April.

The Town Board approved Mr. Jay Bonnell's request to use Ravenoaks Park for a GeoCacher event.

There is a dead elm tree in the Town Park, which is very close to 2 residences. The owners have offered to share the cost associated with having the tree removed. Mark moved and Bob seconded the motion to have the neighbors pay for 2/3's of the cost and the committee to pay the other 1/3. The committee also added that the trimmers be asked to clear a tree from Della Street Park, which the committee would fund. Motion carried.

Steve will let the town crew know that the area where the old pipe in the Della Street Park was removed needs to be filled in and that there is a downed tree within the Town Park that needs to be removed from the trails. The crew will also be placing a metal barrel in the Town Park to capture the hot coals from personal charcoal grills.

The next meeting will be Monday, May 17, 2010 @ 6:30pm.

Raandi moved to adjourn and Bob seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Janine Jensen

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