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Town of Oregon Park Committee Meeting Minutes
Mar 03, 2008



Monday March 3, 2008 @ 6:30PM

Present: Steve Root, Janine Jensen, Mark Brylski, Bob Johnson
Also present: Kathy Esch

The meeting was called to order by Steve Root.

The minutes from the previous meeting were read. Motion made to approve as read. Motion carried.

Kathy Esch, before beginning her presentation, commented to the committee that when she visited the Town Park, she noticed a large amount of blood in the parking lot. Steve decided to visit the park, but was uncertain as to whether he would be able to see anything with all of the rain and snow. Kathy has contacted the Countryside Nursery for their $12 trees. She found out that very few of their trees are native to Wisconsin. She recommends that the committee plant Hackberry, Burr Oaks and possibly Crimson Kind maple trees. She also recommends planting approximately 50 trees around the equipment and near the trails in the Town Park. She has a list of volunteers to assist with the planting and also the watering of the trees. She informed the committee that the trees are now $14 each. She also would like to plant 4-5 trees in the Kennedy Park near the playground equipment. She proposes getting the information to the Oregon Observer. She has requested wood chips and the committee agreed to have the town crew supply some from the TORC. Kathy will contact Ron Outhouse about getting some delivered. It appears that possible dates for the planting at the Town Park could be April 12th with April 19th being the rain date. Time for the planting will be at 1pm. Bob moved to approve the request and Mark seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Steve reported that he has received a letter from the DNR granting the extension for the closing date for Phase 2 to December 31, 2008. The items remaining to be completed are the striping of the parking lot and ordering of the handicap signs. Steve will work with Denise and Jennifer to get the reimbursement forms completed before the end of the year.

The Eagle Scout project at the Town Hall listing all of the past Eagle Scout projects has been completed and looks great.

Bob reported that he is not certain as to whether the High School will be able to get to a pavilion design, so Bob recommends that the committee lay a cement pad for the picnic table and deal with the possible pavilion at a future date.

Steve will attend the Town Board meeting on Tuesday, March 4th and make the presentation about the proposed work with the trees in the parks.

Mark has driven by the Della Street park and all appears to be fine. Steve indicated the same for Ravenoaks and the Bicentennial Parks.

The committee decided that fibermat is needed again around the playground equipment. This will be worked on in May when the ground is drier.

The next meeting will be April 7, 2008 @ 6:30pm.

Mark moved to adjourn and Bob seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Janine Jensen

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