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Oct 01, 2007


Monday October 1, 2007 @ 6:30PM

Present: Steve Root, Janine Jensen, Bob Johnson, Mark Brylski

The meeting was called to order by Steve Root.

The minutes from the previous meeting were read. Motion made to approve as read. Motion carried.

Town Park:
Steve had received a phone call from an Edgewood High School student, Alex Witz, who needed to do some service work for an Environmental class. He did several projects in the Town Park, such as raking around the equipment and picked up trash. For his class he will create a report for Steve's signature. Alex needed a bit more time, so he indicated that he would go over to the TORC and help out. Steve was in the park with him, since it was a requirement of the class project that the student be supervised. As of noon on Saturday, September 22nd, the park looked terrific. However, by 2pm on Monday, September 24th, graffiti was discovered on the picnic tables and some of the equipment, as well as the parking lot in the Town Park. Bob volunteered to attempt to get the paint off the parking lot by using a power washer. Steve will apply the graffiti remover on the equipment, and the tables will be re-sanded and sealed.

Mark suggested that the committee create a list of projects that individuals could perform if this type of request is received again.

The new sign at the Town Hall has been set in place. The research for the plaques is on-going. There will be more landscaping done under both of the new signs. Bob has been in touch with Randy Way, in the High School. Randy has indicated that there has been expressed some interest in designing and perhaps building the gazebo at the Town Hall, which could be used to house the donated picnic table.

Bicentennial Park:
The wood chipping portion of the Eagle Scout project has not yet happened. The chipper malfunctioned. The scout is working on other portions of the project. The work that has been done to date has been well-done.

Ravenoaks Park:
Mark reported that there is a large hole near the baseball backstop. Steve will ask the town crew to look into this issue.

Steve will talk to the town crew about installation of cement trash receptacles for each of the parks, with 2 being placed in the Town Park.

The next meeting will be October 29, 2007 @ 6:30pm.

Bob moved to adjourn and Mark seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Janine Jensen

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